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Wounds of all types take time and tissue to heal. A fresh wound will result in a sudden boost of white blood cell and platelet production to combat any foreign germs entering the wound and to close the wound through clotting. This normally results in tenderness, inflammation and swelling around the wound as the healing process starts. Collagen and other fibrous tissue in the skin begin to generate and acts as mesh against which the clot is created. Scarring takes place when biological factors such as excessive or insufficient collagen results in disruption of the wound healing process. Scars can remain as part of the scab or be there even after the scab has fallen off. Keloid scars for instance are a result of excessive formation of collagen. Scar repair and revision in Dubai will be discussed for patients who need it in the following excerpt.

Types of Scars

Keloid scars: these scars are usually protruding and reddish brown/ purplish in color that show unique behavior of spreading extensively from the initial location of the wound and continue to build over time.

Hypertrophic scars: These scars are raised in texture and red in color. They are permanent in nature and cover the wound area but unlike keloids it remains there.

Atrophic scars: these scars are usually take shape of depressions in the skin of pale pink in color and smooth in texture. It is a common after effect of skin conditions such as acne.

Burn scars: Skin is massively affected by burns and permanent destruction of skin structure, nerve endings and even underlying muscular tissue can occur. However when the body heals naturally it leaves behind an unappealing puckered skin that is caused by contracting of tendons and muscles beneath the dermis.

Treatment for scars

The goals of scar treatment especially on the face are to disguise it, relocate it, remove its protrusion and make it fade away. Since scars cannot disappear with surgery, various techniques can be sued to make the scar less and less obvious until the appearance of the skin is as close to normal as possible.

The surgeon will consider a number of factors when evaluating a patient needing scar revision or repair. Some of the main factors are;

  • Genetic traits of skin such as color and Fitzpatrick type
  • Racial and ethnic classification (different types of people have different biology with scars)
  • The patient’s healing rate
  • Age and lifestyle factors

Depending on the type of scar, the surgery is different for each one. Various techniques allow for scars to react differently depending on the numerous factors involved. People undergoing facial scar revision surgery have to understand that scars cannot disappear completely but the doctor can be able to disguise the scar and make it fade away until it is no more an aesthetic or mental problem.

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