Round Face Surgeries in Dubai


As distances grow shorter with social media and globalization, trends are created for standards of beauty and aesthetics all over the world. People form concepts of beauty based on these social norms rather than the ethnic concepts of attractiveness that once existed. For instance, round faces were once regarded as a healthy sign in Asian cultures reflecting on the healthy upbringing of an individual but soon it changed.

The exposure of people to the media and the internet caused the majority of people to lean towards the more trending and socially acceptable standards of beauty which currently is a leaner face with highlighted cheek bones, shallower contours and a more refined edgy chin with a smoother jaw line. Such beauty trends have caused people to look for round face surgeries in Dubai which is currently the world’s haven for cosmetic surgery.

Introduction to Facial Reconstruction

The dynamic standards of beauty these days are every plastic surgeon’s foremost priority since professional practitioners intend to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to making patients happy and giving them the look they have always wanted. There is no single procedure that can be employed to thin out a round face. Mostly Asians and Caucasians fit this demographic of patients. Contrary to popular belief a facelift won’t address this issue. However, some of the procedures that can be performed for a thinner face are buccal fat pad excision in the cheeks, minimal facial lipolysis/liposculpture and injection of Botulinum toxin into the masseter muscle of the jaw.


The combination of all the procedures is necessary to give the face an attractive contour. But for that to happen, the patient has to pass a candidacy test in order to be a right candidate for those specific surgeries. Candidacy is determined by a thorough evaluation and analysis of the face prior to surgery. Also, it is made sure that the predicted results from surgery are worth the operation. Evaluation of following aspects determine candidacy for facial reconstruction surgery.

  • Patients should have realistic expectations from surgery.
  • Patients suffer from decreased self-esteem and peer pressure due to their physical appearance.
  • Patients have undergone trauma that can only be corrected by facial reconstruction.
  • There are excess fat deposits along the jaw line.
  • There is fullness in the buccal area resulting in “chubby cheeks”.
  • Inspection of prominence in the cheek and chin bones.
  • Inspection of prominence in soft tissue over the malar area.
  • Inspection of the size of the masseter muscle in the jaw.


  • Tumescent liposcution and lipolasty are performed on fat deposits along the jaw line, the sub-mental regions and quite rarely the cheeks. Tiny cannulas are used for the process and the procedure is only concluded when the surgeon determines that visual symmetry has been achieved.
  • An oversized masseter muscle in the jaw leads to the squarish contours that exaggerates the look of a round face. It is the main and largest muscle in the jaw and with injections of botulinum toxin type A, this hypertrophy can be addressed. Multiple sessions may be required until the perfect look is achieved.
  • Injection lipolysis is only carried out for the removal of minimal excess fat deposits over the malar areas since the application of suction assisted liposuction in this area can ultimately cause the face to age prematurely in the long run. The malar region is the area of the cheek that is on the front part of the face on either side of the nose.
  • Tissue in the buccal area can be overcome by partial excision of the buccal fat pad. The incision is made inside the lips above the gums of the first and second molar. Then tissue is opened up until an extension of the fat pad becomes visible after which a suitable portion of it is excised.
  • A small or retracted chin may add to the visual effect of a round or square face and this can be treated by chin augmentation using extended silicone implants. The implant is placed through an incision inside the lower lip, placed along the mandible (lower front part of the jawbone) and is in direct contact with the bone. The implants may be secured by a screw on the bone and sutures on soft tissue.

The face is the most exposed area of the body and is the outlet for every person’s emotional expression towards society. To top that off, there is constant highlighting given to the face these days as the mainstream media continues to stress it’s attention towards the face. Increased exposure to social media has led the majority of the populace to lean more towards the leaner face trend taken up by the icons of this era. All of this has deep personal, social and professional impact on people’s behaviors and desires. All the advancements that have taken place in the cosmetic surgery in the last few years have led to an increase in the tools that a contemporary plastic surgeon should be equipped with. Similarly more emphasis is now made on choosing the right techniques to achieve a desired result.

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