Rhinoplasty Using Injectable Polyacrylamide Gel

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Do you want to get the nose reshaping done? Hence, you have a number of concerns in your mind regarding rhinoplasty. Well, we want to clear your concerns regarding the treatment, this is the reason that we are going to discuss a case study so that it will be easy for you to understand its functioning. Read on to know more!

Case Study

A case study was published in volume no. 1, issue no. 1, in 2005 in the Journal of Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine. The case study was entitled as ‘Rhinoplasty using injectable polyacrylamide gel – a patient study’. This study was conducted and penned by Andrew Tuan-Anh Le.

According to WHO (the World Health Organization), health is not only the absence of a disease but it’s a complete social, mental, and physical well-being. In the early 1900s, the Americans faced a health problem that came into the concern of WHO. At that time, the saddle-nose deformities were considered as a common issue that was created as a result of untreated syphilis. A few surgeons were dealt with the situation and they were adhering to the fact that it’s related to the medical as well as cultural challenges. A surgeon of New York, named as Joseph Safian, have observed the fact in 1926 that a number of people who are dealing with the saddle nose are supposed to have inherited disease. Also, they are handicapped in both business and social aspects. So, did history had a desire to repeat it? In this modern world, our society is facing the problem of HIV positive. If we observe in-depth, then the patients are not different than the patients suffering from syphilis in the past. Hence, most of the HIV patients undergo gross lipodystrophy as a result of the side-effect of the antiviral therapy that they are getting as a treatment. These patients have developed a disfigured facial appearance that makes them physically handicapped and affects their mental and physical health badly. They have to maintain their health in order to sustain in this work environment and society. Aesthetic surgeons have arrived to perform their duties by managing the upsetting flaw of these patients. Their main aim is to serve them with their expert services to provide them the benefits of overall physical and mental health.


Here, at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, our expert surgeons are also working to set up the physical flaws by performing their duties. If you have a flaw in your nose that may happen due to any issue, whether it’s a genetic issue or as a result of a disease, we are working to manage your physical condition. Rhinoplasty is the trustworthy procedure to reshape your nose as per your desire. We are striving hard to make it possible for you to live a happy and satisfied life. What are you waiting for??? It’s your life and you have to make right decisions about it. If you are losing confidence and your self-esteem due to an imbalance in your physical appearance, then it’s time to get benefit from our professional services. Contact us now or simply fill the following form to get our FREE consultation. This consultation session is important so that you will get your required answers and we can tell you the extent to which you can get your results. This is the reason that we have made it FREE of cost for you. Go ahead and book your appointment now!

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