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Rhinoplast Recovery Time

Rhinoplasty commonly known as the nose job is a surgery used for changing the shape and structure of a person’s nose. This treatment is done to correct medical problems such as difficulty in breathing, nose disfigurement due to birth defects or accidents. Moreover, it can also be undergone for cosmetic reasons e.g. if you do not like the shape of your nose and want to alter it.

The recovery process of rhinoplasty differs for every patient. However, we will share a general recovery timeline of the procedure to help you understand the treatment in detail.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

The procedure is not that painful and usually, the patients fully recover in two weeks. Some actually recover in a week with a little bruising on their nose. Patients usually complain about stiffness in their nose which can last for one week.

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During the first week after treatment

The patients would have to wear a cast on the nose during the first week after the surgery and will also feel congested during this time. Gauze would be tapped under the patient’s nose too so that it could catch any fluid leakage.

The swelling will rise at its peak after three days. At that point patients will feel a little discomfort. The patient will be able to see bruising and swelling around their nose and eyes. If the patient takes the pain medication, he/she will feel a little tired. A week after the treatment, cast will be removed from the nose of the patient.

During the second week after treatment

During the second week, you will see great improvement in swelling. In some cases, even disappearance of swelling is observed. You will now feel comfortable to go out in public because now your incision will not be clearly visible with makeup. During this time the statures in your nose will come out by themselves.

During the third week after treatment

During this time, patient will be able to return to most types of exercise. The tip of your nose will begin to fall if the surgeon has deliberately rotated it for cosmetic reasons and the incision will now be visible as only a red dot with makeup.

During the fourth week and beyond

The patient will continuously see the improvement during the fourth week and beyond that. Their nose will be completely healed during this time. The incision point will disappear in two to three months.

The complete end results will be visible in a year.

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The recovery process of rhinoplasty is not very long or complex. You will completely heal with in four weeks if you follow the instructions provided by your doctor. Extra care in the recovery phase impacts the results greatly. So, follow all the post-surgery instructions if you want the desired results.

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