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Ears with Otoplasty

Our facial looks or appearance can make or mar our whole appearance. Face itself is the symphony of unique features and every facial feature plays its own role in affecting the whole appearance of face. Each facial feature differs in appearance and function from others but every person wants them to be perfect and beautiful. Most of the people desire to have big eyes and proportioned nose because they are considered more attractive. Most of the people often do not give much importance to ears but protruding, large or too small ears can also affect your facial appearance. However, cosmetic surgery provides the solution to this problem and those who want to improve their facial appearance by reshaping ears can opt for ear surgery – medically known as otoplasty.

What is otoplasty?

Otoplasty is the surgical procedure in which ear is reshaped to improve its appearance by making it more proportional to rest of the facial features. The procedure of otoplasty Dubai improves the aesthetic appearance of ears but maintains the functionality. Ear surgery, when performed by highly experienced and board certified plastic surgeon, will for surely provide you with effective results without any complications. Modification of even minor deformities with otoplasty can bring profound improvement in aesthetic look. Otoplasry Dubai can be done to repair injury, correct genetic defect, or to bring symmetry. Specifically, ear surgery can be done to.

  • Improve overly large ears
  • Treat protruding ears
  • To correct the dissatisfactory results from previous procedure

How ear surgery is performed?

Usually, ear surgery involves reducing or restructuring the cartilage and skin or creating new skin or cartilage. Ear surgery can be performed on adults or children. In case ear surgery is performed on child, general anesthesia is administered while if the patient is adult, local anesthesia with sedation will be used. The procedure generally takes from two to three hours and several ways are used to reshape ear depending on patient’s requirements. Cartilage can be either cut or folded and stitched instead. If you ear is small, cartilage graft will be attached to ear. A small incision behind the ear is made to make alterations.

How will be the recovery period?

Otoplasty requires about a week for recovery. The procedure, when performed by a trained plastic surgeon, does not cause any severe side effects. However, as it is a surgical procedure some temporary side effects like swelling and bruising are associated with it. Surgeon prescribes medications to resolve the pain and discomfort caused by procedure. After proper recovery, the final results of otoplasty will greatly improve your facial looks.

In short, otoplasty Dubai when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon is highly effective and safe procedure to improve the aesthetic appearance of your ears. If you are interested in having ear surgery, don’t delay booking an appointment for free consultation with one of experienced plastic surgeons at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery.

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