Rectify Your Ears with Ear Reshaping Surgery

Ear Reshaping Recovery

Are you not satisfied with the appearance of your ears? Are they protruding, too large or too small? Are you seeking an effective method for improving your ears? If your answer, to the above-given questions, is yes, then you may be a good candidate for ear surgery.

Ear surgery is a surgical procedure that is performed for improving the shape and size of ears. It is an ideal option for those who are not satisfied with the appearance of their ears.

In this article, we will discuss how this surgery can help you improve your ears. However, before we start a detailed discussion about the process, we need to understand what ear reshaping surgery is.

What is ear reshaping surgery?

Ear surgery – medically known as otoplasty – is a surgical procedure that involves modifying the ears to improve their shape. Otoplasty helps in making the ears more proportional. It may be performed for several reasons including aesthetic and medical, such as:

  • For improvement of protruding, large or small ears
  • To correct a hereditary defect in the ear
  • To restore the shape and size of the misshapen ear caused by some injury

The ear surgery gives a natural shape to the ears that are balanced with the rest of the facial features. Moreover, it can be easily performed on both children and adults.

How is ear reshaping surgery performed?

Ear surgery usually takes two to three hours to complete. However, this period varies from patient to patient depending on their particular requirements. It is usually performed under general anesthesia.

The process goes like this:

  • During the surgery, the surgeon makes a small incision behind and inside the ear. He ensures that incisions will not leave visible scars behind.
  • After making incisions, excess skin is removed.
  • The surgeon, then, reshapes the cartilage either by cutting a part of it or adding a graft to it.
  • After making these changes, incisions are closed using sutures and bandages are applied.

The process is not an exhaustive one. Within two to three hours, the patient can get back home.

Recovery from Ear Reshaping Surgery

Ear surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. This means that the patient can return home immediately after the procedure. Before going home, however, the surgeon prescribes medications and gives certain instructions to minimize pain and discomfort. By following their directions, you can make your recovery period comfortable. The bandages remain on the ears for 5 to 7 days for supporting the wound. Moreover, the stitches used in surgery are usually dissolvable. Ear surgery, when performed by a well-trained plastic surgeon does not cause any complication. Some minimal side effects include slight pain, bruising, redness, and swelling.

If you are interested in having ear reshaping surgery, you need to select an experienced and well-trained plastic surgeon. Having ear reshaping at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic will give you successful results. We make sure that you get the services of a highly experienced plastic surgeon. Fill out the online consultation form or visit our clinic today to schedule a free consultation session.