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Nose surgeries are probably the most sought after cosmetic procedures in the world. The demand for these procedures has been going up globally in recent years. One wonders why the procedure is in such high demand. The reason lies in its numerous benefits. This procedure allows you to change the shape of your nose according to your facial symmetry. Furthermore, if you are having breathing problems, it helps in correcting them.

Today we want to discuss the success story of one of our patients with you. Sarah got a rhinoplasty from us and with her consent, we will discuss her experience here. Let’s read further to learn if she got the desired results and how her journey through the process was.

Sarah’s Success Story

Hi, I am Sarah and I want to share my story with you so that you can also get benefit from this outstanding procedure called Rhinoplasty. I have made a decision to get the procedure of nose reshaping when I was 24 years old. Now, I’m 28 years and it’s been 4 years since I got the procedure done.

My crooked nose was obvious since my childhood, leading some of my peers to bully me. It wasn’t fun but led me to clearly notice the nose. With the passage of time, it caused low confidence in me as I thought my nose didn’t suit my appearance. So, at 23, I started seriously thinking about getting the procedure to reshape my nose. I discussed it with my brother (he is my best friend) and he encouraged me to get the procedure.

How I made the final decision?

I completed the process of getting information from various friends and searching for different blogs before making the call of getting the treatment. Eventually, I consulted with my doctor in Dubai about Rhinoplasty. At that time, my brother ‘Ahmed’ was with me.

After analyzing the different aspects and making the measurements, my surgeon recommended that I get the procedure. The doctor thoroughly discussed all matters of importance with me including answering my queries, provided details regarding the procedure, informed me regarding possible risks and complications, and discussed before & aftercare.

I felt blessed to find such an experienced and cooperative surgeon. I went ahead with getting an appointment for my surgery on the spot. My surgeon took all the important measurements and completed the paperwork.

Before Surgery

I had to get some tests included Blood CP, Urine test, screening of my blood pressure, among others, as guided by the staff.

On Thursday 17th April, I had my surgery early morning. Unexpectedly, I was quite normal and relaxed with my brother keeping me calm. The night before surgery, I was admitted to the hospital. Everything went well. The experienced staff monitored my heartbeat and blood pressure prior to the procedure.

I got a stocking gown as I was prepped for surgery. It felt somewhat strange when they injected anaesthesia as it was my first experience ever. When I woke up, it seems that my whole life was changed. I felt drowsy but in a good way. My brother stayed with me and he took care of me as I recovered.

On my way to recovery, I started to walk slowly the next day. My doctor instructed me to keep my head elevated. Also, I took my medicines regularly that gave me a sense of relief from any kind of pain. He suggested the bed rest for 1 week. During this period, I felt relaxed and recovered quickly. The results started to appear after almost 2 weeks.


Nose Surgery Before After 10

I achieved my desired appearance after the surgery. I really recommend this surgical procedure of nose reshaping to anyone with a crooked nose and want to make a positive change in life by enhancing the appearance. With every passing day, I am feeling more beautiful and confident, I couldn’t be happier with this decision in life.

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