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The nose stands out as the main feature in a person’s face which is why it has significance importance in the cosmetology. Nose enhancing surgery in Dubai varies from surgical correction to the new non-surgical nose job alternative. The latter is a contemporary new addition to the cosmetologist’s arsenal of procedures and it’s available for patients who are keen on improving the shape of their nose minus the risks, costs and processes of surgery. This alternative for nose jobs provides faster results, while healing quicker and the pain threshold is also negligible. Non surgical nose enhancing surgery in Dubai has been providing patients with a finely-contoured, well-shaped nose since a while now and helping people enhance their facial appearances to the result of boosting self-esteem and confidence.

In the non-surgical nose enhancing treatment, dermal fillers are injected into specific locations of the nose to correct minor abnormalities such as bumps or droopy tips. The beautician will choose from a wide array of fillers such as Juvederm, Radiesse and Restylane. Dysport or Botox may or may not be combined to address issues with the hanging nasal tip.

The Procedure

Taking up a total of 15 minutes this treatment for your nose involves the administration of injectable dermal filler in the sub dermal tissue of the nose and the range of filler options used are proportional to the time taken. By injecting the facial filler in exact areas abnormalities are camouflaged very much as facial lines, wrinkles and acne scars are smoothed out using the same products. With the bumps and depressions evened out a consequence may be that the nose will appear comparatively larger after surgery but it is nothing to be worried about since a skilled practitioner will even out the nose so it becomes one smooth straight line.

Candidacy for Non-Surgical Nose Job

Non-surgical nose jobs offer remarkable results and serve as a wondrous alternative for patients who want non-invasive treatment to minor flaws in their facial aspects and can enjoy quick satisfactory outcomes. Ideal candidates for this procedure are those with realistic expectations from treatment and are eager about correcting minor aesthetic abnormalities (bulginess, droopiness or scarring) on their nose.

Candidates should be aware that non-surgical alternatives to nose job surgery are a temporary solution to disguise minor external abnormalities on the nose, straighten a crooked nose or lift the nasal tip from its previous droopy state. This alternative serves as a good option in case of a special occasion or correct minor irregularities from a primary rhinoplasty. An average of 15 minutes is taken for the treatment is complete and sedation is not even required.

However while it serves as a smart solution for those who need a quick fix, this treatment rejuvenates the sub dermal tissue and can actually make the nose look larger. Hence it is not recommended for an individual with large nose looking to make it finer or narrower neither will it change the shape of the nostrils nor will the results last for more than half a year. Moreover anyone suffering from nasal deformities or inhalation functional problems with their nasal structures cannot be a good candidate. For such people surgical procedures would serve them best and give them long lasting results.

What makes Non-Surgical Nose Jobs Popular?

Among the various reasons why the non-surgical alternative to a nose job is so popular is because it involves little to no pain, is done as an outpatient procedure because it takes minimal time and recipients can continue with their normal routine right after treatment and enjoy the benefits for 6 months.

Look for an expert to voice your concerns and questions with if you are considering a change of heart in the way your nose looks like. Simply send in your basic details in a short form to get a free consultation with a skilled staff member so you can be closer to your dream today!

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