Non-Surgical methods to Reduce Double Chin


People both thin and fat can fall victim to a double chin. The reasons can range from a genetic disposition to obesity as well as aging. Other issues include “turkey necks” and drooping jowls. There was a time in cosmetologist history when this problem was addressed by liposuction while the facelift allowed for skin to be tightened at the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon to get optimal results. For those too afraid to go under the knife, turtleneck sweaters and scarves allowed them to hide their insecurities from the world but learned to live with it either way.

Modern and non-surgical methods to reduce a double chin and tighten loose skin have been surfacing over the years with varying degrees of successful results. Read on to find out how to reduce a double chin using new non-surgical treatments and exercises that actually work.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Mentioned below are all the non-surgical methods that you can opt for double chin reduction.

Kybella Injection

It’s been a year that kybella injections have been invented and commercially produced. It is a revolutionary approach to treat chin fat without surgery. With a main active ingredient called deoxycholic acid, it manages to break down the fat accumulated through the diet, into soluble compounds. Once injected into the subcutaneous layer of tissue, the affected fat cells disintegrate and cannot be restored again. The surgeon’s assistant will mark a grid carefully over the area that needs to be treated. And using that grid as a guide, the surgeon will determine how many injections are needed. The whole procedure is neat and quick.

Kybella has been approved by the FDA and it’s the first injectable of its kind that can be used to permanently reduce double chin fat in varying degrees of stubbornness. Already this non-surgical procedure has skyrocketed in popularity due to the efficiency and convenience that it offers to the patients.

Ultherapy Treatment

This procedure makes use of concentrated ultrasound pulses that invigorate deep tissues and boost the natural human regenerative power in order to achieve muscle tone, texture lifting, and skin tightening. By running a device over the body in the area to be treated, the surgeon will follow a projection on the monitor and regulate the bursts of heat in specific areas. It is done to penetrate structural layers of the skin that stimulates the production of skin collagen and rejuvenates the skin as a result. Time can be turned back with the help of Ultherapy. The effects produced by the treatment are visible after a period of time and gradually people become more youthful instead of growing old.


Coolsculpting techniques have been around for a while and were previously used to address bulging fat around the waist and limbs. Even today it remains a popular non-invasive alternative to liposuction. To reduce a double chin the practitioner will begin by placing a protective gel pad on the treatment area. With the aid of two cooling panels, the skin is drawn up between them and then the device delivers carefully regulated temperatures that target fat deposits beneath the skin to safely contour the chin and neck area. By lowering the temperature appropriately, the device manages to crystallize the fat cells causing them to die off and get metabolized by the body over time.

Exercises for Double Chin and Neck Fat

Along with new treatments, users can always try various exercises to achieve natural results. Here are three such effective exercises for your neck to reduce double chin.

Head Lifts

Simply lie down on your back over your bed or elevated flat surface with your head hanging down over the edge. Let your head hang relaxingly then begin the first rep by tightening the front neck muscles going through a slow lift of your head ending in a curl of the head towards your chest to the very limit that you can go while keeping your back straight and shoulders squarely on the bed. Hold the position for 6-10 seconds, then as slowly as you started; return to the initial position without letting your head drop. If you feel dizzy after a couple of reps, you can sit up and take a break or you can do the exercise by lying on the floor with your back and neck in a straight line.

Jaw Release

While staying in a standing or seated pose, stretch out your backbone achieving a tall straight posture. This rep begins by keeping your lips closed and opening and closing your jaws to imitate munching. While you do that inhale long and deep through your nose then hum as you exhale. As you get ready for another inhale, open your mouth as far as it can go by pushing your tongue at the back of your bottom front teeth while keeping your neck straight. Inhale slowly and then exhale, releasing a clear “Aaah” sound as you hold that position. One rep would approximately take a minute or more. Two to three reps are enough for one workout.

Kiss the Sky

Stand straight and tall in the same position as before while keeping your arms loose by your side, tilt your head back until you are looking toward the sky without straining your eyes. Form a kiss by pouting your lips and pushing as far out as they can go in a kissing motion making your skin tighten around the neck and chin. Hold the position for 5 seconds then start by relaxing your lips and finally return your face back to starting position while your back remains straight. A total of 10-15 reps can be done in two sets for your daily workout.

The Bottom Line

We have tried to compile some latest non-surgical treatments and beneficial exercises that can help you in reducing double chin. By choosing them, you can observe visible changes in your facial appearance that too without going under the knife. However, you need to consult with a doctor to know which treatment is suitable for you and matches your condition. If you think you have concerns that you would like to discuss with a specialist, you can always visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. Or you can send in your basic information in our short consultation form to get a free appointment with one of our experts!