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Cheek Fillers

Aging is an inevitable process and aging signs do occur and sometimes the aging is accompanied with other environmental damages that speeds it up. Sun damage and gravity are one of them. Whatever the reasons are, the main thing is that aging signs make you older than you really are and affect your appearance badly. Face is the most important and at the same time the first place that shows the signs of aging in the form of appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin and loss of volume. Each and every facial feature is important and fortunately various solutions to aesthetic problems are available but here we will discuss about the cheeks and an effective treatment to enhance them.

The main aging affects on facial skin are deterioration of the skin, descent of the skin and facial features and deflation of facial volume. These factors affect every area of the face badly and cheeks also get affected. Cheeks lose volume, skin becomes saggy and the contour of cheekbone gets affected. There are various cosmetic procedures available to restore the contours and youthfulness of cheeks. Most of the people hesitate to go under the knife and desire to have some non-invasive alternative.

If we talk about non-surgical treatments for enhancement of cheeks, injectable fillers are the perfect alternative of cheek augmentation surgery. Injectable fillers not only improve the aging affects on the cheeks but can also be used for enhancing the contours. There are various kinds of dermal fillers and their combination can also be used for the treatment. Injecting fillers for enhancement of cheeks give immediate results and instantly restores the volume of cheeks. The result of dermal fillers is not permanent and lasts from six months to a year varying from patient to patient.

Various kinds of fillers are available for enhancing cheeks and the most commonly used are perlane, radiesse, sculptra and Juvederm. Perlane is hyaluronic acid based gel like injectables and radiesse and sculptra are long lasting collagen based injectables. Both collagen stimulating and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers reinstate the definition of cheeks giving them volume and defining their profile. The fillers can give you non-invasively what you achieve by undergoing the surgery. They are useful for restoring the shape of contour of cheek around orbital rim – the area which is the first one to show aging signs. This area needs injecting fillers with deeper technique to reduce the visibility of any irregularity because of thin skin.

In short injectable fillers are very effective non-surgical treatment for enhancement of cheeks if performed correctly.

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