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Neck lift for Loose Skin

A neck lift is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure for addressing loose skin in men & women and oftentimes it is combines with a facelift to achieve optimum results. This procedure is usually carried out to combat signs of ageing that become apparent when people start developing loose skin around their neck, jawline and cheeks as result of age and hormonal changes (in women). A few people are predisposed to age beautifully but not everyone is genetically gifted in this way.

There are various treatments used to make people look younger and they are all aimed at making wrinkles, fine lines and loose skin in the facial and neck area to disappear. Dermal fillers, topical creams and dietary changes may be effective but not as effective and permanent as neck lift for loose skin in men & women.

Before appearing for surgery, every patient is required to go through a preliminary evaluation consultation where they are free to discuss their concerns and needs regarding treatment while the surgeon determines their eligibility for surgery. Patients are required to be physically and mentally fit while leading a healthy lifestyle. Lifestyle habits such as smoking and excess alcohol intake or addiction to over the counter medications can prove hazardous when it comes to surgery. The majority of patients who care about how they look and have dreams about making themselves look and feel better both socially and personally are willing to go the extra mile to clear themselves for surgery.

Your cosmetic surgeon would eventually endorse surgical treatment for a neck and face lift since that is the most successful way to clear away those telltale signs of ageing. The surgery would normally involve incisions beneath the chin at the edge of the neck as well as behind the ears if greater correction is required. These incisions provide access to underlying facial and neck (platysma) muscles neck that need be tightened, readjusted or excised to achieve results.

More contemporary procedures allow the surgeon to make use of an endoscopic tube with a camera contained within introduced through smaller incisions to finalize the surgery. Be sure to ask your surgeon all these options for treatment during your consultation.

Your biological tendencies and your choice of comfort will dictate which type of anesthesia you would prefer during surgery. General anesthesia lets you sleep throughout the procedure whereas local anesthesia combined with mild sedation will make you numb but you will be conscious. The choice is yours to make if you have no risks with getting general anesthesia.

Injectable fillers can be utilized as a non-invasive technique as an alternative or an addition to neck lift surgery. The platysma muscle can be rejuvenated through sub-dermal injections to remove banded appearance of the neck restoring fullness and tone. These injections require no anesthesia or downtime and the whole treatment hardly takes 15 minutes hence is carried out as an outpatient procedure.


Neck lifts are carried out to tighten skin, underlying structural muscles and remove fat deposits that accumulate as a result of old age. In the liposuction, a tiny incision is made below the chin to insert a cannula under the skin and remove subcutaneous fat through a suction process. In a combination or procedures – as is common in a necklift – such as a neck lift, face lift and brow lift liposuction that is necessary is the first procedure that the doctor begins with for the whole treatment. All of this is determined, outlined and should discussed in the pre-operative consultation.

The liposuction itself last for a maximum an hour of time and stitches are used to close the incisions before bandaging. You will receive tips and medication to aid your recovery; be sure to follow them precisely.


Once the muscles have been tightened beneath the skin and excess fat is removed, the skin on top – that is already loose – is eventually stretched over the underlying structure and the excess skin is trimmed off. The securing of skin and excising the extra bit is called cervicoplasty and medical adhesive or soluble stitches are used to hold the underlying tissues in place.

After a face lift or neck lift, certain precautions, medications and a support garment are prescribed for quick and incident-free recovery. Be sure to say in touch with your surgeon and follow his advice to the letter.

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