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Fuller breasts look attractive and make you look feminine but only if they are proportional to your rest of the body parts. However, there are many women who have overly large breasts that not only affect their aesthetic appearance but also become the reason of physical pain and discomfort. Breast reduction surgery is highly effective cosmetic surgery procedure that reduces the size of your breasts to more youthful and beautiful appearance. Breast reduction surgery can be performed using various techniques and these techniques are tailored according to unique needs of patients. However, the common requirement of all the patients is getting successful natural looking results.

Breast reduction surgery is the cosmetic surgery procedure that aims at reducing the size of breasts and making them firmer and proportional. It involves removal of excess breast tissues resulting in smaller breasts. Below given tips are going to help you if you want to get natural looking and successful results from surgery.

Choose an experienced plastic surgeon:

If you are planning to have breast reduction surgery, choosing plastic surgeon is the most important decision that you make and it has a direct impact on the success of surgery. In some cases, breast reduction surgery is performed for reconstructive purpose that means the patient just needs to get rid of discomfort rather than aesthetic improvements. You should discuss your goals and requirements with your plastic surgeon if you want to get successful results. Make sure that your surgeon is board certified, well-trained and highly experienced.

Know your options and go for the most appropriate one:

Breast reduction surgery can be performed using various techniques; you should know about all the options and select the most appropriate one for you. The techniques that are used for performing breast reduction surgery are as follows:


Liposuction is less invasive procedure and suitable for those patients who require minor improvement. However, it is perfect option for those women who don’t want to have invasive surgery. In this procedure, very small incisions are made through which small cannula is inserted in the skin to break down the fat tissues that are removed through vacuum suction. Liposuction for breast reduction requires less downtime and recovery time.

Breast reduction surgery:

Breast reduction surgery is an invasive procedure that requires making incisions and requires more time for recovery. However, it is perfect option for you if your breasts need more changes. This procedure also involves reducing the size of areolas that make your breasts more natural looking. The surgery can be performed using various techniques that vary depending on the incision patterns and incision sites.

In a nutshell, breast reduction surgery is highly effective procedure but if you want to get natural looking results, you must select an experienced plastic surgeon and the most appropriate technique for performing surgery.

If you are ready to have breast reduction surgery or want to know more about the surgery, schedule a free consultation with our plastic surgeons or fill in the consultation form for free online consultation.

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