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Natural Alternatives to Breast Augmentation that Actually Work

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The question of undergoing surgery is something that would not be right away answered positively for many. Some people are skeptical others would not be able to physically or monetarily afford surgery. One’s lifestyle is shaped by their habits and circumstance; each has a deep relationship with their mental and physical well-being. This relativity is a sensitive topic that even some patients can’t be aware of to describe to a doctor in light of their aesthetic needs. This is why preliminary consultation and evaluation of the patient, their need for surgery and how it will positively affect their lifestyle should be studied by a skilled doctor.

A few patients however can discover that by going to the doctor they have realized exactly in technical terms what they would be looking for. The majority of the younger crowd opting for subtle treatments and non-invasive cosmetology are becoming the increasingly popular patient demographic in cosmetic surgery. Anti aging is always a plus but until those ladies looking for fuller, perkier and bigger breasts can achieve through proper regimen and care if they are willing to invest time in it over money. You would also come to know that cosmetic surgery for aesthetic/functional imperfections is usually a last resort approach.

Listed below are a handful of the traditional methods that can still yield results in breast augmentation today.

Simple Breast Massage

Science tells us this is true since massaging your breasts on a daily basis can cause increased production of the hormone prolactin that contributes to increase on breast size. The added benefits of giving your breasts a good massage are positive proportions, better health and retaining a fuller shapelier appearance. A massage can also increase the blood flow in the breast tissue promoting vascular growth and inducing phytoestrogens that have a great role to play in breast volume.

You can use massage oil or your bare hands simply to practice certain variations of breast massage for a half an hour every day. Begin by rubbing your hands together until they warm enough and then use them to gently knead your breasts for gradual results. End results of a breast augmentation are measure after a period of 4-6 months. Mark your calendar today and find out how much you can achieve in that time.

Exercise your Pectoral Muscles for Increase in Breast Size

Breast tissue is made up mostly of fat so it does not have much to do with exercise since only muscles can expand with continuous exercise. And that is exactly what exercise will do to your pectoral muscles which are situated below the layer of breast fat above the breast bone. There are numerous types of exercises aimed to generally increase that mass of muscle and even specifically for ladies both lactating and non-lactating. The subtle lift you are looking for through surgery can be achieved through patients and effort by exercising those muscles which will give you perkier and bigger looking breasts that are more prominent and shapely. Wall presses, bench presses, cross-fitness and even performing simple household chores minus the machines all can contribute to breast growth.

Increase your Estrogen Intake Through Healthy Diet

A healthy diet goes a long way; proteins, antioxidants, minerals and necessary vitamins in fruits and vegetables, natural dairy products or white meat as protein sources is one example. The body uses these materials to synthesize necessary compounds in the body. Dietary therapy involves the intake of certain foodstuffs that will help in synthesizing an increased amount of a certain substance which in this is estrogen. A female as we know has both testosterone (male hormone) and estrogen (female hormone) in their blood stream and their breast size is usually proportional to that. The increased presence or absence of the female hormone from your body is what dictates breast size. If you have too little estrogen in your system then that is probably the reason why you have smaller breasts. Ensure to that your diet contains more estrogen bearing compounds such as flax seeds, soy foods, sunflower seeds fruits, vegetables, anise seeds, legumes, chicken soup, eggs and  sesame seeds.

Increase Your Intake of Healthy Fats

Your body’s fat content is relative to your breast size, which is why the popular saying about plus size women and big breasts goes the way it does! Natural foods with high healthy fat content can be a good way to pack on breast size. You can however take advantage of this method properly by following a healthy exercise regimen and routine. This way you will ensure that the fat is not going elsewhere over the body. Good and healthy sources of fats are nuts, avocados, olive oil, eggs, peanut butter and fish. Stay away from packaged and fast food.

Include Natural Supplements in Your Diet

The minute trace elements found in the diet are vital components in the building blocks of the body and if your diet lacks those necessary items certain deficiency diseases can affect your health. Deficiency diseases can change genetic patterns among other things. Make sure you have ample amounts of certain vitamins and minerals ingested for the good of your body vital processes. Hormonal imbalances are usually also related to these factors which are related to lifestyle and can consequently reduce breast size or make them droop early on. Keep up your intake of amino acids, vitamin A, B6 and C for maintain fullness, vascularity and elasticity in your breasts.

These tips are also applicable for those who have undergone surgery of the breast such as augmentation or reduction. Sign up today for a free first consultation with one of our specialists and you can get to know your options more and see how well your results can be with breast augmentation in Dubai.

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