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Mummy Makeovers

Cosmetic surgery is very popular these days and there are a number of cosmetic surgeries and procedures that are the most frequently performed ones. Mommy makeover is the one that leads the growth among plastic surgeries. This is because; it is the procedure that can significantly enhance your appearance after it gets affected as a result of pregnancies, aging, breastfeeding etc.

Having children is no doubt the most gratifying experience for women but unfortunately, the changes that take place in the appearance of your body are dramatic, persistent and undesirable. Even if you take your proper care by working out and following the proper diet, it becomes difficult, in fact impossible, to restore the pre-pregnancy shape and appearance of a body. Furthermore, after becoming the mommy, it becomes quite difficult to make a time that is important to become attractive again as you were before surgery. This is the reason that cosmetic surgery has introduced mommy makeover that is very beneficial for mommies to get a pre-pregnancy body back.

What mommy makeover exactly is? It aims to restore the common changes that occur after childbearing mostly on breasts and abdomen. The main changes that take place are the sagginess and deflation of breasts, appearance of stretch marks on the abdomen, fat accumulation in the abdomen and separation on central muscles in the abdomen. During mommy makeover surgery, multiple procedures are performed and mostly they include breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction. The procedures are selected according to your needs and goals. As the body of every woman is different, so mommy makeover can be tailored depending on requirements. You should consider the procedure three months after finishing breast feeding. You should have good general health and normal weight or have minimal changes.

Breast procedures that can be used in mommy makeover are the breast lift and breast augmentation; either breast lift is performed alone or in combination with breast augmentation. This will enhance the size of breasts and will also improve their shape by removing sagginess. The procedure of liposuction is used to give a contour to the body by removing excess fat from various areas mostly abdomen and waist area that mostly gets affected by pregnancy. If we consider the tummy tuck, it is the most important part of mommy makeover as it flattens your tummy and also removes the stretch marks.

In short, the mommy makeover is the super effective procedure that is very beneficial for mommies to get a pre-pregnancy body back.

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