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The most noticeablesign of pregnancy is the stomach. This is the place that changes most as your pregnancy progresses. It stretches and the more it does, the more stretch marks appear. Finally you give birth, and while everything tries its best to snap back to what it was before, your waistline just decides not to.

Some women usually exercise to get their tummy back to where it was while for others, no matter how much exercising they have, nothing changes. The excess skin on their stomach just continues losing its battle against gravity while the excess fatty deposits refuse to bulge.

This is the point where the Tummy Tuck comes in.During the procedure our surgeon will do several things, depending on what he finds after the examination. There are those women whose only problem is the loose and hanging skin, while there are those whose problem is excess fatty deposits and loose skin.

When it comes to the fatty deposits, the surgeon will perform liposuction, remove excess skin then tighten the muscles of the stomach, while for those without fatty deposits only the excess skin will be removed and muscles tightened.

If you are lucky enough to have liposuction, the doctor can use the fat removed and transfer it to your breasts, giving them a natural lift in addition to being bigger in size.

With a tummy tuck, you end up with a firmer, smoother and flatter waistline which will add plus points to your self-esteem and confidence.

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