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Marilyn Monroe ‘had plastic surgery on chin and nose’

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Marilyn Monroe 'had plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery has no doubt become very popular these days but few decades ago it was not as popular as it is now. Furthermore, now there are a number of latest techniques also available for cosmetic surgeries and now nobody can hide having any cosmetic procedure. Nobody can believe that any Hollywood star or celebrity could have plastic surgery few decades ago but the fact is that there are some rare cases. Here we will discuss about a famous star, whose fans didn’t believe the fact that their favorite celebrity has undergone any plastic surgery but the documentation proves that.

There were rumors spread that the Hollywood starMarilyn Monroe – went under the knife for plastic surgery long before when it was not common and a regular occurrence among celebrities. The medical documents have already proved that she had undergone the plastic surgery. These documents include x-rays of Monroe’s skull.

Monroe’s first plastic surgeon – Dr Michael Gurdin – says that when she came to him for consultation in 1958, her complaint was about chin deformity. She used her husband’s last name for cover. She had undergone the cartilage implant procedure in her chin in 1950 but it dissolved slowly and gradually leaving virtually nothing on the chin except a small scar under her chin. The graft used as the implant was bovine or cow cartilage because semi soft silicone implants were yet to become the standard of care. The procedure of cartilage implant was done in combination with tip rhinoplasty that was performed only on the tip of the nose. There is no documented proof whether she had replacement of the graft and got her nose tip refined or not but it is considered that she did have surgery on her nose tip. The last medical entry was of June, 1962, which was about the swelling on the nose. She suffered from a small fracture to her nose. Six x-rays of her nasal bones and teeth are there.

She died in august, 1962 because of the overdose of barbiturates when she was 36.

Nobody from her fans even believed that Marilyn Monroe had plastic surgery, it was always speculation. Everyone thought that she is a natural beauty and she does not require any surgery. It is not a secret now that Monroe had plastic surgery though most of her fans did not want to believe this fact. However, the medical records may make them believe that she really did.

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