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Make over Cosmetic Surgery for the Breast

A mummy makeover is a marketing term used to describe a combination of treatments utilized to reverse these changes on the body mainly to beat back negative self-consciousness and lack of confidence that bring about a host of other lifestyle, sociological and personal problems. Plastic surgery, skin rejuvenation procedures and fat/cellulite removal are some of the primary techniques aimed at those aesthetic issues that cannot be reversed through proper dieting and exercise alone.

Since this form of treatment is usually extremely individualized pre-operative consultation and prepping necessary for safe and predictable results. Your surgeon will aid you in learning and choosing the procedures best suited to your aesthetic goals. Other things including quotations, lifestyle changes and ample evaluative discussions are also part of this process. Keeping in mind that none of the above mentioned procedures are meant to be a treatment for weight loss, mummy makeovers however can augment one’s efforts and self-perception by giving them the more defined, youthful and well-contoured body that is as similar to your pre-pregnancy body as possible.

Numerous variables and tidbits have to be kept into consideration by the patient prior to undergoing a mummy cosmetic make over surgery. This includes your health, medications, abstinence from smoking, hydration, lifestyle activity and care towards the areas needing to be treated. This prepping period is part of what makes the difference in the outcome.

Women are ideal candidates for this combination of cosmetic treatments if they have lost of weight after pregnancy or even have gained superficial weight after pregnancy. Even by exercise and good dieting (an ideal candidate ought to be in most stable mental and physical health they can be in) loose sagging skin and localized fat deposits cannot be eliminated. Additionally a mummy makeover is appropriate for women who gave birth naturally as well as through caesarian section. Indeed scar tissue and loose skin that occurs after a C-section can be addressed through a mommy makeover. AN adult is a suitable candidate for liposuction of 18 years or older and is recommended to have decided not to have any more children. The reason why surgeons will advise young mothers to wait out until they plan to have no more kids before getting cosmetic make over surgery is because another pregnancy – despite not harming your health in any way – will inadvertently cause a reverse in the results achieved through cosmetic surgery.

As part of the whole surgical process that includes pre-operative consultation the basic idea is for the patient to have a reasonable understanding of what and cannot be accomplished by the plastic surgeon. Aesthetic and even functional improvements are possible through cosmetic surgery that is first tailored to your exact needs and biological peculiarities. Skin can be contoured and body sculpting can be performed to make it seem that you are thinner but it does not reverse the ageing process or hinder changes within the body triggered through lifestyle habits and other factors.

Lastly even the best of surgeons cannot guarantee that you will have the exact same body you wish for or you had before pregnancy because cosmetic surgery does not create perfection. It simply makes a person look and hence feel better about them. SO while a mummy makeover cosmetic surgery can do wonders in reversing the effects of pregnancy and old age it should still be sustained and maintained through a healthy lifestyle and natural methods.

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