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Macrolane is one of the newest methods of enhancing the shape and size of breasts without going under the knife. Macrolane is the filler made of hyaluronic acid gel that is injected in the breasts to give them volume and this is the reason that it is also commonly known as “boob jab”. It is an effective and minimal invasive alternative of surgical breast augmentation surgery. It is no doubt an ideal option for those women who want minor improvement in the appearance of their breasts but without going for intrusive surgery. However it is much more than just a boob job. Here we will discuss what macrolane exactly is and what else it can do except enhancing your breasts.

Before discussing the uses of macrolane injection , it is important to mention here that men and women have been having lots of substances in their bodies for augmentation of certain areas like breasts and buttocks. Previously used substance became the reason of traumas and diseases but use of macrolane has proved that adding volume to the body has thankfully come a long way.

Macrolane is a new product that came in the market few years back and is the first product that uses hyaluronic acid – substance naturally found in our bodies – for shaping and volume restoration of body. The procedure of having macrolane can be described as walk in walk out procedure because the entire treatment usually takes less than an hour and is performed under local anesthesia. Extremely small incisions through which small cannula is inserted into subcutaneous layer above muscles are made during the procedure. It has minimal side effects and antibiotics are prescribed to resolve them. These side effects include mild swelling, bruising and discomfort on the treatment area.

If we talk about the uses of macrolane, as mentioned above its most popular use is for enhancing the appearance of breasts. It can also be injected in other areas of body also as it restores the volume and shapes the body surfaces.

Sometimes, developing gym honed figure is not possible with exercise alone. In this case even a small improvement can greatly improve your appearance. Calves are area of body that is not given much importance but their shape can affect your whole appearance. Macrolane is an ideal minimal invasive method for their reshaping and contouring.

You might not be unaware of the procedure of buttock augmentation – a surgical procedure for enhancing buttocks. Macrolane can be effectively used as alternative of buttock augmentation. It restores the volume of buttocks and improves their contour.

Furthermore it is also used for improving the results of other procedures like liposuction. Liposuction, sometimes, does not give smooth results but macrolane can effectively improve its results. It improves the discrepancies in the surface of the skin caused by liposuction. Macrolane can be injected in other areas of body but it is not recommended to inject it in the face.

In short, macrolane can not only improve your breasts but it has a lot more uses also.

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