Looking Relaxed and Rejuvenated with Botox Treatment

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Looking Relaxed and Rejuvenated with Botox Treatment

We are constantly flexing our facial muscles, when we make a facial expression the muscles in our forehead, cheeks, nose and mouth all move. However, certain emotions such an anger, stress or anxiety can make us frown a lot and this frowning can lead to permanent lines between the eyebrows and in the forehead.

Folds and lines appearing on the face can make anyone look way past their prime and cause feelings of low self-esteem and poor image. No one wants to look angry, worried or negative instead they want to look relaxed, warm and welcoming.

If you are someone, who wants to erase these unsightly lines from your face without having to go under the knife and take the risks of surgery then a Botox treatment is a great option for you. Botox treatment in Dubai has become increasingly popular amongst the locals and foreigners of Dubai owing to its quick and visible nature.

Botox injections can treat wrinkles, crow’s feet, facial folds and marionette lines around the eyes or forehead area and renew their beauty. The results of this procedure are immediate and highly visible after just one treatment.

Historically botox injections were introduced for treating neurological movement disorder causing by severe contractions in the neck and shoulders area. It was by accident during an eye disorder treatment that cosmetic surgeons observed an improvement in frown lines between the foreheads and got the magic idea for adopting it for solely cosmetic reasons.

Botox use for treating fine lines and wrinkles was approved by FDA and gained mainstream popularity. Almost all celebrities use botox injections to gain a more youthful face including Madonna- who has even shown herself getting botox injections in her music video “Hollywood”. Other A-list botox fans include Demi Moore, Megan Fox, Nicole Kidman, Vanessa Williams, Angelina Jolie, Simon Cowell and Jennifer Aniston to name a few.

Botox works by injecting Botulinum that prevents the movement of any muscle over there. The muscles inability to move causes the wrinkles and lines to disappear giving a youthful, smooth, even and relaxed appearance.

If you want to be a flawless beauty or a handsome man with youthful looks, you should drop in for this lunchtime procedure to achieve spectacular, wrinkle-free skin.

In addition to the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, botox is also used to treat excessively sweaty under arms and to treat the onset of migraines, tension headaches and cluster headaches- a truly marvelous discovery is Botox!

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