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Long Face Syndrome Surgery

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Long Face Syndrome Surgery

The long face syndrome surgery is a complex one the combined efforts of different specialists are needed for the successful treatment of patients with long face syndrome.

Both surgeons and orthodontists who recognize their own capabilities and limitations must combine their skills to achieve the best possible occlusion and facial aesthetics.

Long face syndrome surgery is designed by the experts to correct the patient’s dentofacial deformity. The main goals of the surgery are the surgical reduction of facial height and proper alignment of the teeth by orthodontic means.

For those who are afraid of or do not want to have a surgical procedure need not worry, there are some non-surgical methods as well to solve long face syndrome.

Not all cases of long face syndrome surgery are the same. Therefore, the cost of the long face syndrome surgery varies from case to case.

If you are tired of your long face, do not worry! Long face syndrome surgery is a safe and effective way to solve your problem.

Long Face Syndrome Surgery in the UAE

If you are interested in long face syndrome surgery, you should have it done in the UAE. It is due to the reason that there are plenty of advanced clinics that offer long face syndrome surgery.

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