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Liposuction Surgery – Tips for Recovery

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Liposuction is quite common and popular cosmetic procedure and its demand is increasing more and more. Excessive fat on certain areas of body is very common problem and even the people who are regular with their diet and exercise are opting for this procedure. Liposuction gives permanent results and the fat removed during the procedure does not come back if you maintain healthy lifestyle. This is the reason that people go for the procedure of liposuction to get rid of excessive fat accumulated on certain area of body.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure in which incisions are made and fat is sucked out through cannula. The procedure is invasive and requires time for proper healing of wounds and recovery. During the recovery period, you need to follow the guidelines of your surgeon to make it faster and healthier. Although your surgeon guides you about the procedure and what you need to do before and after the surgery to get effective and quick results but here are some important tips that can help you in recovering faster after liposuction.

  • There are some instructions that you need to follow both before and after the surgery. Quitting smoking and quitting or altering some medications is one of them and it is for all the surgical procedures including liposuction.
  • Sufficient intake of fluids is necessary for quick and risk free recovery. Fluid intake can be in the form of water, health drinks or juices but avoid alcoholic drinks both before and after the surgery.
  • Keep the area of surgery clean and do not apply any cleansing liquid because it can increase the risks of infection.
  • Keep changing bandages on regular basis according to the recommendations of your surgeon.
  • Keep the operated area away from water and don’t take bath for recommended time period. This is because moisture can also lead to severe infections.
  • Try to wear light garments in which you feel easy and comfortable.
  • If you are recommended to wear surgical garment after the procedure, this matter also requires care and you have to make sure that the garment is of your size, there are no chances of infection and drainage is proper.
  • Avoid any vigorous physical tasks and exercises for recommended period of time.
  • Maintaining follow ups after surgery is also important for recovery because doctor can better guide you during recovery this way.

The recovery of liposuction varies from person to person; sometimes the procedure requires months for recovery and is uncomfortable while for some people it’s just the matter of few days or maximum a week. The variation in recovery greatly depends on the level of surgery and condition of patient but care done during recovery also matters a lot. This is the reason that following the recommendations of your surgeon and some general tips is quite helpful and beneficial for you.

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