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Liposuction (liposculpture)

The word LIPOSUCTION is taken from two different words “lipo” and “suction”. Here “lipo” means fat and “suction” means to suck. Times ago liposuction was known as a cosmetic surgery for women but now it is well known in men too. Men having extra fatty tissues on several parts of their body are using this surgery for reducing the fat of their bodies and reshaping the body.

With liposuction you can remove the unwanted fat of almost every part of your body most likely the neck, abdomen, thighs, and the arms. However male liposuction is a bit expensive then female liposuction surgery but now men are also using this procedure of reducing the unwanted fatty tissues from the facial area to get an attractive look. The reason for male liposuction for being expensive is that the male’s fat has got more fiber than a female’s fat and so it is more difficult and time consuming than a female liposuction surgery.

Now coming to the prices of this surgery let us tell you that its prices depend upon the area of the body from which you want to reduce the fat. The price may also vary according to the range of fat on the part to be sucked.

With the price, time also varies in this procedure and depends on the amount of fat. The more the Fat, the more the time and money it will take.

Mainly for this surgery local anesthesia is used but usually the patients are able to go for their normal activities in a short period of 3 to 4 days.

One of the advantages of this surgery is that once you have used this procedure on a part of your body that part would not ever gain any considerable amount of fat but the other parts may gain weight depending on your nutrition.

If we talk about the side effects of Liposuction, they seem to be very rare. Sometimes very rare swellings may happen to the parts of the body which are treated through this surgery for a few months but it seems to be very rare and that is the reason for what liposuction (if performed by well qualified and expert surgeons) is being considered as the safest procedure for getting rid of the extra fats causing you look ugly and having you several kind of problems in your daily life.

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