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Liposuction for Men

Whenever cosmetic surgery is discussed, it is always assumed that it is only for women but this is not the case. Nowadays a large number of men are knocking on plastic surgeon’s doors for cosmetic surgeries and they are even more than women in some cases. There are a number of such cosmetic procedures that are becoming more and more popular among men but no other procedure is rising in popularity faster than the liposuction. Liposuction is best option for those men who have been battling to eradicate fat deposits on localized areas through dieting and exercise but fat is not responding or shifting.

Liposuction is a long lasting procedure for men to shape their body. Liposuction – also known as liposculpture – cannot be the option for weight loss rather is helpful for removal of those quantities of fat that are difficult to shift. Once these fat deposits are removed, they do not come back. Although any area of body can be treated through liposuction but three popular treatment areas for men are neck, abdomen and love handles.

The neck fat is suctioned through small incision under the chin or behind ear. Excess fat under the chin is removed to give a slim shape to neck. In case of love handles and abdomen, small incisions are made on several sites on the treatment area to avoid long linear scars.

The procedure of traditional liposuction involves breaking down the fat with the help of cannula and then the broken fat is sucked through vacuum. The procedure is invasive as fat is broken manually but now number of techniques are available that make the removal of fat less invasive. The most beneficial technologies used for this purpose are ultrasound and laser. In ultrasound assisted liposuction, ultrasound waves are used to liquefy fat and in laser liposuction laser is used to do the same. Ultrasonic liposuction is quite helpful for men for the areas having fibrous fat like back and love handles. Furthermore it is also an effective treatment for gynecomastia – breast enlargement in men.

There are lots of cosmetic procedures that are performed on both men and women but as the composition of men’s body differs from that of women, technical differences exist and results vary. Men have thicker skin and blood supply is also greater. There are more chances of bleeding in men but healing is also amazing. Liposuction can provide perfect results to men if it is performed by a qualified and board certified plastic surgeon.

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