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Liposuction in Dubai

I have decided to get the procedure of liposuction in Dubai about a year before. I really want to share my story and this amazing journey with you as I want to let others know how I solved my problem. Read my story til the end to know details!

What made me to get this procedure?

I was an obese person and I really would like to get my body in a shape. I was bullied for being an obese person. Also, it was my inner desired to get a body in proper shape. I have got the services of a nutritionist and followed a proper diet plan along with exercise. This act has made it possible for me to get away from the category of obese people, but still, due to weight loss, some of the body areas become saggy. I have tried for a long time to get rid of the saggy skin but it was not possible. After that, I have done a research on the internet and I have got to know about liposuction. I have done research on the before and after care for the procedure. I have decided to get the consultation with an expert surgeon as I really wanted to boost my self-confidence. I have got consultations with 3-4 doctors. Luckily, I knew about Dubai Cosmetic Surgery through one of my friends and made my consultation with their surgeon. I got satisfied with this consultation because the surgeon became successful in responding all my questions and also I checked the before & after pictures of their previous patients. When I decided to get the procedure, they have provided me important instructions that were required to perform the procedure. I have followed the instructions.

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On The Day Of Surgery

I have got the liposuction procedure on 2nd February. On the day of surgery, they have provided me an informed consent that required my signature that I have provided all required information. I have signed it with my own desire. After that, they have provided me the pressure garments and important medicines. After that, they have done essential marking and general anesthesia was provided. My procedure was completed within 2 hours. I would like to contour my abdomen area. Finally, they have completed the procedure with sutures.

Post-Operative Instructions And After Care

After the procedure, they have checked me and provided a compression garment and instruct me to wear it overnight. Furthermore, they have provided me various instructions that I need to avoid exercise and energetic activities for almost 2-3 days. Also, I was instructed to clean the incisions by taking shower for 2 times in a day. In addition to it, they instructed me to take my prescribed medicines on time. I was very careful in following all instructions and yes they helped me a lot in my recovery. Overall, the experience was great and I became successful in restoring my lost confidence.

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My Recommendation

I am a happy customer of Dubai Cosmetic Surgery. I am very pleased to say that I have just got the liposuction procedure to contour my abdomen area and I am more than happy with the results. All of their staff members are highly experienced and they dealt with full care. They have dealt with me professionally. For sure, I recommend you to get their services to get liposuction in Dubai. However, you need to take care of your diet plan and routine habits to maintain the results. Their consultation is for FREE so you may consult them anytime. Now, I am more confident than before and in good health. What are you waiting for? If you are also worried due to your body then go ahead and get the services now.

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