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Liposuction by Dr Farhat Bukhari

Liposuction is one of the most common surgical procedures performed worldwide. There are a lot of misunderstandings about liposuction and I well cover them

Many people think that liposuction can reduce their weight, they may be 25kg or 30kg above their normal weight considering liposuction can solve their problem. It’s not so. Liposuction is a body contouring procedure not a weight loss procedure. What it accomplishes? As the name says, body contouring, it contours the body whether it be arms, hip areas, abdominal area or thighs. So, they are the selected areas where liposuction can be performed and get the body in shape.

When we talk about liposuction, people ask how much can be done at one time? There are international standards and safe limits which are from 5 liters to 7 liters in one session. It means that if patient has one or two small areas and he wants to remove 4 to 5 liters of fat, maybe he can go home in the evening if he is stable. On the other hand, if more than that is removed may be 7 liters or slightly more than that, he must stay in the hospital, so that he can be observed. Why? Because during the surgery, the body’s fluid mechanism can shift and maybe he will need some fluid at night. So, the patient needs to be observed.

How the procedure is done? It is also a question most of the people ask. It is not a tummy tuck or something similar to that, only small cuts are made in the area of liposuction. Usually about two to three small cuts are made that are no longer than 1 cm and through these cuts; a small tube is inserted in the skin. This tube is connected to extraction machine that removes the fat out. This is actually what liposuction is.

Another question is how long will it take to recover? If it is small area or thigh or buttock area, you need only two to three days and you are mobile again, you can go back to your day to day activities. Sometimes people advertise it as walk-in procedure but it is not most definitely unless it is such a small area, which is not considered even in liposuction. At least you need a few days of recovery.

The other question that people have if fat is removed, will it come back again? The answer is very simple. If you maintain your lifestyle the way it is for example if you do some activities, exercise and you are paying attention to your diet then the fat will not come back. However if you go on crashed diet then of course it will come back. So, this is very simple, weight gain is purely mathematics, if you gain extra calories they will convert into fat. However after liposuction if you maintain your diet and exercise then fat will not come back.

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