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liposuction body contouring in dubai

Newer concepts and techniques are being researched and introduced every year in the cosmetic world. One such new medical technique is body-contouring plastic surgery that comprises of existing procedures as well as newer techniques to help address aesthetic concerns of those who seek to lose large volumes of fat or have lost a lot of weight through bariatric surgery or natural weight loss methods.

Either way body contouring in Dubai is a complex surgery that may include various techniques and precautions depending on every patient’s individual requirements, biological peculiarities, conditions and lifestyle.


Tummy tucks, arm lifts and skin tightening procedures are techniques that have been around since a while and keep on getting better using innovations ranging from surgical proficiency to laser rejuvenation. Body contouring however makes use of these same procedures but the technicalities and complications are different since the time of surgery is longer, the volume of skin removed is more and the areas needing to be treated are more in comparison.

Other additions may be made such as upper body lift that targets the back, neck and chest. Other lifts for the under arms, inner thighs as well as the face and neck may be required too. Because of the time and extent of surgery required, it’s not uncommon for a team of two or three surgeons to work on one patient. But even with the whole team operating a complex multi-treatment surgery like this on the abdomen, upper body, face and limbs can normally last on an average of 8 hours.


Excess Skin

Excision of excess skin is one of the main procedures involved in body contouring. Factors such as pregnancy, extreme weight loss, ageing and previous cosmetic surgery may make a patient a good candidate for this surgery. This procedure is also carried out with tummy tuck, arm lifts and after liposuction. In tummy tucks extra skin is removed after liposuction and muscle toning has been carried out and the skin is rewrapped over the patient’s abdomen. The results offer a slender waist line and anywhere where loose skin is involved can be subjected top excess skin removal such as upper and lower body lifts, post-liposuction on the thighs, arms, hips and neck. Sometimes skin removal can be very specific from certain areas while other times it can be carried over various targeted all over the body.

Fat Removal

This procedure works in conjunction with the one mentioned before. Surgical fat removal is most effective when carried out through traditional liposuction, which involves removal of excess fat from below the skin’s surface through thin hollow blunt tipped tubes called cannulas inserted in small incisions on the skin. Liposuction includes various types such as tumescent liposuction which involves the injection of anesthetic and enzymatic solution injected into the subcutaneous layer to break down fat deposits making suction easer.


Non-invasive cellulite removal treatment is employed in body contouring for some patients only and the most popular as well as effective treatments are Lipomassage™ and VelaShape™. The former option combines robotic suction and therapeutic massage of the treatment areas to break down fat induce water retention whilst smoothening out body contours of the limbs, hips and lower waist. The former employs the use radiofrequency pulses to do the same job while adding skin tightening benefits on top.

Various other procedures can be carried out in addition to the above to achieve desired results and catalyze the whole process. The patient’s responsibility is to follow pre and post operative instructions in order to cooperate with the surgeon and ensure their effort and his/her investment does not go to waste.

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