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To get a liposuction always choose a better health channel in Dubai since it makes all the difference between being satisfied with your results and leading a life with a distorted body. Educating yourself about the procedure, its various techniques, limitations, recovery process and candidacy is essential before choosing it. The UAE is haven not only for tourists, international brands and the world’s elite but due to those reasons it’s the hotbed for plastic surgery taking top stage in global industry. Top class professionals and practitioners will find the lucrative marketplace of Dubai a great place to hone their skills, increase their customer base and their reputation.

Most people look for more affordable options from lesser known “practitioners” as a method of killing two birds with one stone. But that would mean gambling with the only body you have. It is better to invest in a smarter more reputable doctor and get great long lasting results than leaving yourself exposed to various risks that doctors can cause due to lack of practice or anatomical knowledge.

What you Need to Know Prior to Choosing Liposuction

An initial pre-operative consultation is necessary and the first step towards undertaking liposuction. In this consultation, you will communicate with your doctor and develop a bond based on trust, confidentiality and expression that is essential both before and after the procedure. You are supposed to voice your desires, choices and concerns while learning about the possible complications and benefits as well as the costs associated with the procedure. Usually the first consultation is also charged on a nominal fee but with Dubai Cosmetic Surgery you will receive that consultation totally free if you sign up for it through the website.

Once you have found yourself a good candidate and have taken the decision to go ahead with surgery you will receive tips on how to prepare yourself for the procedure. This would normally consist of dietary instructions, smoking and alcohol restrictions as well as abstinence from certain vitamin supplements and medications such as anti-coagulants and aspirin.

If you have any physical conditions or allergies for which you have medications going on, be sure to tell your doctor about it. This information is necessary for the doctor while performing surgery.

What to Think About

Liposuction at the hands of a reputable and experienced doctor should be your top priority and not the cost. Since every patient handles surgery differently for which different medications and techniques are used, a good doctor would know how to tackle individual patients and lessening the risks a lot.

For people suffering from obesity, diet and exercise is always the best option and liposuction is only meant to remove stubborn layers of fat to improve body shape. It is not an alternative for weight loss and healthy people are the best candidates for liposuction.

Pre Operative Instructions

Smoking must be quitted at least 4 months prior to surgery. Drink lots of water on the last week before surgery. Drinking water after surgery is essential too

The night before surgery make sure you are rested well and take a sedative if needed such as valium but only on the doctor’s instructions.

On the day of surgery, do not eat a lot, a light breakfast and check in to the clinic by informing the nurse.

Make sure you have made arrangements for transportation after surgery. Moreover your bedroom should be well prepared for recovery in the coming weeks. Make sure you have coverings in the car that is going to pick you up. Your bed and sheets should also be clean and have an ample stock of them. Medications, clean towels, spare clothes and other necessities should be well stocked in the recovery.

Remember to wear loose comfortable clothes, preferably old. Warm clothing such as sweat shirts and cotton pajamas are good. Make sure you have an extra pair of underwear with you to the clinic.

What to Expect After Treatment

Once the procedure has been done and you have gone home for recovery make sure that you are wearing the support garments prescribed by the doctor and have spares in your bedroom. Support garments firmly wrap the treated areas to prevent swelling, bruising and discomfort in movement. Elastic dressing support hosiery and custom girdles can be used that wrap closely around your body. This dressing may vary with the location on the body being treated. Compression garments may have to be worn for 2-4 weeks whereas the swelling may start subsiding after the first week.

Sometimes tumescent fluid may drain from the cannula entry site for many days after surgery. For this some sort of collection tubes and bulbs must be emptied and taken care of routinely. Moreover antibiotics should be taken on time in a complete course throughout the recovery period to prevent infection.

Because liposuction is an outpatient procedure with no pain involved during the surgery, most of the patients can be able to get up and move around as soon as the effects of anesthesia have worn off. Depending on patient to patient and the extent of surgery made, return to normal routine activities can be done between a few days to weeks after surgery. Work, sports, normal household activities all have different time periods for resuming.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

If you follow all the instructions and medications needed for recovery, this time period will pass swiftly. Work can be resumed within a few days if it is sedentary in nature. Normal activities can be resumed after 2 weeks. And a month would be needed to resume sports while weightlifting can take a little more than that.

Since every person heals and lives differently, the surgeon will prescribe a custom treatment plan for the patient. You can discuss what results to expect, how much time in healing is required and tips on maintaining body shape with your surgeon before and after surgery. If any complication turns up, be sure to contact your doctor.

Dangerous complications

It is very rare that patients face severe complications with liposuction but if more than one treatment has been made on your body or extensive fat has been removed then the risks increase.

  • Excessive blood and fluid loss although extremely rare may cause death.
  • Lymphatic or vascular clotting may travel into the lungs through pulmonary embolism can cause threats to life.
  • Fluids building up in the lungs called pulmonary edema caused through excessive fluid injected into the body can also be very dangerous.
  • Infection is the main concern for surgeons and is actively prevented through antibiotics. But if the doctor is inexperienced, has made a mistake and the patient is skipping on their medications the risk increase.
  • Allergic reaction to tumescent fluid (lidocaine) injected in the body can be threatening too, but only in large quantities.
  • A careless puncture in the abdominal structures may cause ruptured organs and damage that is also very dangerous.

Cost of Liposuction in Dubai

Insurance does not cover cosmetic surgery unless it is medically inclined and necessary for a patient with a specific condition to undergo. However there are funding plans and payment plans prevalent in Dubai for patients to pay for liposuction in Dubai that can help out almost every kind of patient. Moreover due to the difference in technique, necessity of general or local anesthesia, volume of fat to be removed, age, biological setup and medical history the cost is not determinable until the pre-consultation.

Sign up for a free consultation in with us for getting liposuction at a better health channel in Dubai today and make the most of your life when you still can.

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