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Lip Reduction Surgery Recovery Time, Benefits and Side Effects

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Lip Reduction Surgery Recovery Time, Benefits and Side Effects

Many people undergo surgeries to get that plump pout as it is considered a standard of beauty by some beauty influencers. However not everybody is exactly happy with large lips and this makes them feel uncomfortable. Lip reduction surgery is an option which they may do as it will help them feel comfortable, confident and beautiful.

What is lip reduction surgery?

Also known as cheiloplasty it is a cosmetic surgical procedure that helps in treating fat, unusually big or protruding lips. This is done by decreasing the size of either one or both lips and creating an artificial tip or angle from a healthy tissue which is taken from a different part of the body.

How it works

A small incision is made on either the upper lip or both of the lips on the inner side of the mouth. Excess tissue is then removed and the incision is closed with sutures. The procedure is done on an outpatient basis and it takes an average of about 45 minutes. Local or general anesthesia is used and sometimes oral sedation can be used also.

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The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate is someone who wants to improve his or her general appearance. The person should not be a regular smoker of cigarettes or harbor any unrealistic expectations from the procedure.

Recovery Time

Since it is done as an out-patient procedure the patient can return home immediately and the stitches should be removed in about 7-10 days. There will be some pain and swelling but this goes down rather quickly and can be managed with painkillers. Optimal results can be visible in two to three months after the procedure. It is advisable to avoid acidic foods which are likely to aggravate the soreness and the scar. During the recovery period you will feel some stiffness or tightness on the lips and that will most likely last until the scar softens.


  • Creates facial harmony
  • Fast procedure
  • No visible scar
  • Gets rid of asymmetric lips
  • Gives a beautiful natural lip line
  • Gives back confidence

Side Effects

Given that the procedure is surgical there are possibilities of side effects such as; pain, bruising, numbness, swelling and redness on the treatment area. An allergic reaction or an infection is another possible side effect. Other side effects include hematoma, asymmetry, seroma, additional scar tissues or development of lumps etc.

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This procedure should be performed only by a licensed and qualified plastic surgeon.

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