Lip enlargement cream – an alternative of injectable fillers

Lip enlargement cream

Bigger and fuller lips is becoming a beauty trend everywhere – from red carpets to leading fashion magazines’ covers. Angelina Julie, Julia Robert and other Hollywood top celebrities are showing that when it comes to lips, bigger and plumper are always better than thinner and smaller. Many women who desire to have Lip enlargement go for collagen injectables and botox but there are still such women who don’t want to get injectables and want some alternative. Now, it has become quite easy for women to get plumper and fuller lips without having injections because lip plumpers or lip enlargement creams and gels are available everywhere. Lip plumpers can give you pouty lips without having a trip to plastic surgeon.

So, let’s discuss this new alternative to lip fillers in detail.

Lip Plumpers & Enlargement Creams

The only thing you require to get plumped lips is to visit your favorite store and get a lip plumper. An array of these products are available in the form of lip plumping glosses and creams. Regardless of the price and packaging; nearly all of them use same method to give you lusciously fuller lips. Use of lip enlargement creams is not more difficult than using your lip gloss. These products also contain moisturizers that keep your lips hydrated and soft. They can also be applied before applying lipstick.

How different types of Lip Plumpers work?

On applying some of the lip plumpers, you might have mild inflammatory reaction. You will feel slight tingling and stinging sensation just after the product is applied on lips. This reaction causes swelling of blood vessels in the lips and makes them look rosy and larger. Some most common ingredients that are used in these products include capsaicin, wintergreen and cinnamon. Such plumpers give immediate and temporary results.

Other types of lip enlargement products are also available that work by boosting the production of collagen and elastin with the passage of time. Collagen is the substance that is naturally found in the skin and gives it volume. Same substance is used in dermal fillers too. With aging, collagen production decreases and stimulating it again can give volume to the skin making it smoother. On the other hand, elastin maintains the elasticity of the skin and keeps it in its original shape. Increasing production of elastin in the skin makes it firmer and eradicates fine lines on lips.

Another type of lip plumpers uses microspheres to give volume to lips. Dehydrated spheres enter the folds of the skin and absorb water that swells the lips and make them appear larger. These microspheres also make lips smoother.


Lip plumpers are no doubt a convenient substitute of injectable fillers but still it is recommended to consult a dermatologist to know if they are the right option for you or not. Only an expert can tell whether you should go for collagen fillers or lip enlargement creams. If you are looking to consult with expert dermatologists then you have come to the right place. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is known for the quality of its treatments and the leading cosmetic surgeons it has on board. You can book an appointment with our surgeons by filling in the form given below.