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Lip Augmentation Surgery in Dubai

Lips augmentation in Dubai is a cosmetic procedure used to alter the shape of lips by giving you plumper and fuller lips. The most commonly used for lip augmentation procedure these days uses injectable fillers called dermal fillers.

There are many types of fillers available these days that are injected into the lips and area around the mouth to make it more appealing. The most common type of fillers contain substances that help in combating the wrinkles such as hyaluronic acid and its derivatives. Hyaluronic acid is a substance in the body that is responsible for increasing lip volume. In the past collagen fillers were common filler but it is not used anymore because the new fillers last for longer time.

Use of Fillers

Fillers are used for changing and improving the appearance of lips. The effects that fillers have on a person are following:

It can change the shape of your lips.

The volume of lips can also be changed to suit different people.

Fillers can also change the structure of lips.

Lasting time of fillers

The fillers used for lip argumentation in Dubai can last from 6 months to 12 months and it depends upon the metabolism and other factors of the person that receives it. It varies from person to person.

Benefits of fillers

After the injection gel in the filler will support the tissue and shape of the lips to make them more firm some of the benefits of these dermal fillers are the following:

Any lumps created due to the movement of lips can be easily dissolved due to the soft nature of fillers.

The amount of filler injected into the lips can be controlled and the doctor will have control over the increase in the volume needed.

The results of this type of treatment last for longer but these results are not permanent.

There is no chance of an allergic reaction because the filler is made from the material that is naturally found in the body. However, if you are allergic lidocaine you should tell your doctor before the treatment.

The procedure is a non-invasive treatment which is the reason that little swelling or bruising will occur.

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During the procedure

The procedure is performed quickly in the doctor’s office with minimum downtime. In the case of fat injection downtime of the procedure is increased because liposuction is also performed to remove fat from another part of the body.

During the procedure, topical or local anesthetic is applied to reduce the discomfort. In some cases, nerve block injection is used to completely numb the lips. This type of anesthetic is also used by dentists during the procedure to numb the mouth.

In this treatment, the area where the procedure needs to be performed is marked carefully after that small fine needles are used to inject the filler into the lips. You are expected not to put any pressure on the treated area. The usage of lipstick and other lips product should be avoided after the procedure until your lips are fully healed.

The difference is easily noticeable and you will be able to easily tell the difference immediately after your lips are healed.

Risks and side effects

Side effects of this treatment are temporary and usually last for a few days. These effects are the following:

Swelling and bruising in the lips area might occur.

The cold sore or fever blister might activate again around the lips and surrounding area this is also known as herpes simplex.

Bleeding can also occur from the area of lips where the filler was injected.

Redness, as well as tenderness at the area of injection, might also be expected.

The more serious cases include:

Infection, Scaring, Ulceration or stiffening of the lips.

An allergic reaction could cause swelling, itching or redness around the area of lips.

In case of severe and prolonged swelling bruising might last for one week to 10 days.

The imbalance between the sizes of lips might occur (parts of lips will have a different size)

If the filler is injected into the blood vessel than it can cause the loss of tissue.

Lumps and irregularities might occur in the lips.

If you have extreme swelling or if you have a fever then call your doctor and let him or her know.

Cost of Lip augmentation

The cost of this treatment varies for different people. It will depend upon the factors such as:

The type of lip augmentation performed.

The number of injection needed.

Usually, patients won’t need more than one to two injection, the cost of one injection starts from AED 1750. Most Health insurance won’t cover the expenses of the procedure as well as problems associated with the treatment because it is considered a cosmetic procedure.

Lips augmentation can give you the lips that you always desired and you won’t even have to worry about surgery. However, you should keep in mind that lip augmentation is not a permanent procedure and the effects will wear off over time.

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