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Liposuction is among today’s most popular cosmetic procedures to remove stubborn body fat especially around the waist, thighs, torso and underarms. Liposuction has evolved over the years to be safer, easier and involving lesser risks or morbidity. For instance you may have read or heard about phrases such as “liposculpture” in connection to liposuction. There may be little difference between both the terms nowadays since liposculpture refers to the method of precise fat removal and contouring with modern technology of the body during liposuction. This is achieved with assisting techniques and substances, smaller more efficient cannulas and other latest methods for liposuction used to achieve the final look which surgeons of today are capable of giving to their patients.

Even though liposuction is a massively effective procedure to remove localized pockets of stubborn body fat and is carried out with increased success and results. It is not advisable as the recommended method for long-term results that the patient wants maintain. Such results are only attained by means of a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen as any skilled plastic surgeon will inform you. The most a surgeon can do is remove the body fat responsible for aesthetic change, but maintaining those results is the patient’s duty.

Moving on, the latest method for liposuction is not just one perfect method since there is no “gold” standard because methods, preparation, risks and results will vary from patient to patient. Most of it is decided by the doctor, but there is little difference in the fundamental functions of all the latest methods of liposuction.

Tumescent liposuction

Tumescent liposuction was made commercially available around two decades ago and is still used these days in combination with various devices, products, technologies and techniques to create better results. It is more commonly known as the orthodox technique for liposuction where suction of fat is performed once a tumescent injection has been injected into the subcutaneous layer. The injection contains a local anesthetic; epinephrine and a saline medium in specific quantities comparatively tot eh quantity of fat needing to be removed. This solution shuts down blood vessels temporarily, numbs the surrounding tissue and breaks down fat hence making it safer and easier to remove the targeted fat. The advantages include reduced bleeding; minimal post-operative discomfort and cleaner results minus the risks of general anesthesia.

Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction

Vaser® is the company that introduced the devices and technology used for modern liposuction techniques. Ultrasound Assisted Lipo or UAL in short is called LipoSelection and it removes fatty tissue with aid of precise targeting using ultrasonic waves. It may be carried out along with tumescent liposuction and presents a higher safety and accuracy levels since nerves and blood vessels are not harmed in the process. Ultrasound waves help dissolve and soften fat making its removal easier.

Laser Assisted Liposcution

CoolLipo and Smart Liposuction are the two brands that are associated with laser assisted liposuction. There is little difference in methods of these two techniques with the only difference being that CoolLipo minimizes the discomfort naturally related to laser treatment. In the process a small laser probe is inserted through the incision and is moved into the targeted area to melt fat cells which are then removed in traditional suction method. The operation is carried out in the presence of sedative and local anesthesia with the added benefit of shorter recovery time as well as being quite safe in the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon who will see to it that the laser doesn’t damage surrounding tissue.

Power Assisted Liposuction

This is more of a modification to existing methods of liposuction to increase efficiency and is not uncommon to be used with other traditional or modern methods of liposuction depending on the surgeon’s skill. This method was innovated so as to combat the complexity often involved in the accurate movement and efficient suction of fat through the cannulas in order to eliminate all targeted fat tissue. The change this form of liposuction has brought is that it causes the cannulas to vibrate causing quicker, more accurate and efficient removal of fat from the treatment area.

It’s easy to find out more about latest method for liposuction, your candidacy and what would be most suitable for you. Simply send in your basic information through our consultation form and receive your first appointment with an expert completely free!

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