Kim Kardashian Got Butt Lifts and Liposuction

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Kim Kardashian Butt Lift

Kim Kardashian remained the topic of news headlines due to her attractive and beautiful facial appearance and her curvy and slim body. But according to many plastic surgeons, the reason behind her trademark curves and amazing appearance are the cosmetic surgeries she has undergone. Though Kim herself denies the rumors about getting plastic surgeries and blames the Photoshop for this, it is the fact that she has undergone not only one but numerous cosmetic surgeries including butt lift and liposuction.

Kim’s facial plastic surgeries were the headlines of news over the years, which she intensely denied. But here we will discuss about the recent alterations done on her body that are butt lifts and lots of liposuction. According to various plastic surgeons, if we have a look on before and after pictures of her it becomes obvious that she has got not only one but two Brazilian butt lifts. Its only plastic surgery that makes her butt look firmer and plumper. Brazilian butt lift is the cosmetic procedure in which both the procedures butt augmentation and butt lift are performed simultaneously, which results in curvy and well shaped butts.

The critics about losing pounds of weight loss were also in the headline news, which made Kardashian furious and she denied all the plastic surgery and Photoshop lies. According to Kardashian the secret behind losing lots of weight is her low carb diet and vigorous work outs. She tells that cardio exercise, lots of squats and weight lifting are in her regular routine, which are the secrets behind her slim and smart figure. On the other hand plastic surgeons tell that Kim had lots of liposuction on her torso, stomach, lower back and love handles and got it injected in her buttocks. According to another widely spread news, Kim also had toe lipo to fit better into pointy stilettos.

As a denial to the rumors about having liposuction Kim tweets “It sucks when people make up surgery or Photoshop lies when I am so disciplined. I work out so hard”. On contrary to this statement, it is obvious by seeing the alterations in Kim Kardashian’s appearance that she had undergone cosmetic surgeries for surely.

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