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Is Surgery the only option for Vaginal Rejuvenation?

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Nowadays, most of the women are adopted the procedure of vaginal rejuvenation specially in UAE. Women, who have gone through menopause or gave birth to the child, want to improve both physical and aesthetic condition of their vaginas. When a woman gives birth to a child, she faces various problems. These problems may include;

  • Difficulty in reaching orgasm
  • Sagging or stretched labia
  • Difficulty in holding your bladder full
  • Your urine gets leak when you sneeze, cough, or even laugh hard

For getting rid of this condition, you should get the procedure of vaginal rejuvenation. Here, you may have the question ‘if there is just the surgical option for this purpose’? The answer is that you have both surgical and non-surgical options to treat this issue. Have a look at both of the options to make your decision.

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Vaginoplasty – Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginoplasty refers to the surgical procedure that is utilized to make changes in your labia or vagina as per your demand. The purpose of this procedure is to enhance the aesthetics of your vagina as well as reducing its size to provide you accurate pelvic conditions. These conditions may include weakness of your bladder. However, you may encounter different risks while get this surgery. These risks include;

  • Loss of sensation
  • Nerve damage leading to the numbness
  • Scarring
  • Incontinence
  • Pain while doing intercourse

You need to discuss these concerns with your surgeon before having the procedure.

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Thermiva – Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

Hence, if you don’t want to go under the knife to get this treatment then Thermiva may help you. This procedure is less expensive, non-invasice, pain free, and faster as compared to the surgical procedure. Moreover, when you get this procedure, you don’t need to wait for the downtime. This is the reason that this procedure is ideal for busy moms. You don’t need to take off from your daily routine or work routine.

Radiofrequency energy is used to perform the procedure by heating your vaginal tissues. The temperature of heat should be normal. It shrinks the tissues of that specific area and enhances the production of collagen. In this way, the procedure helps you to maintain the elasticity of that area.

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Which Procedure Is Preferred?

According to the experts, non-surgical treatment is better than the surgical treatment as it requires less down-time and you may not feel pain. Thermiva provides you good and fast results. Still, you should discuss this aspect with your surgeon before getting the treatment.

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