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Is Breast Reduction Surgery Right for You?

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As the old saying goes, less is more. This holds true for certain body types as well. Women and men all around the world generally admire big breast but large breasts can be a major inconvenience and source of discomfort for some women. Having breast reduction surgery is a life-altering decision which helps to free them from numerous issues that come with having a bigger bust.

If you’re wondering if a breast reduction surgery is right for you, we can help you make that decision! Here are the 5 key reasons;

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Breasts are causing you pain

Boobs that are too large for one’s body type can potentially create a number of physical complications. They add more weight to your body, causing excess strain in the lower back and neck. They will end up sagging as soon as you hit 30.  You might be experiencing skin irritation underneath your breasts. You are constantly hunching and bra straps are no less than a death trap for you. All these issues are not worth it especially now when you have an option to undergo breast reduction surgery.

You can’t have an active lifestyle

The physical discomfort is one thing, larger breasts can also be a hindrance in your day to day life. You simply cannot exercise due to them which prohibits you from leading a healthy lifestyle. Aerobic exercise, running, yoga are out of the question for you. Finding a sports bra that fits is an even bigger struggle and then comes the constant bounce and spillage. And it isn’t just athletics that are impacted by a generous bust size. Simple day to day activities can become an ordeal; running up and down the stairs, wearing a sling bag, using seat belt etc.

Finding the clothes that fit

Women come in all shapes and sizes. Many clothing manufacturers often forget that.  As a result, most big busted women never find clothes that are flattering and more importantly, that fit. Most clothes fit well on the bosom part and are loose in the waist area. You need to tailor almost everything and that certainly costs a lot of money. Breast reduction surgery can help you save on shopping by giving you a more proportionate body.

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You feel too self-conscious

We all have been judged by our looks at one point or the other. Women often have to deal with the scrutiny and unwanted attention due to her extremely large breasts. The unwanted attention never stops for women with an ample bosom, whether it’s at the workplace, at the streets or anywhere else. Having a breast reduction surgery can surely help you in this matter and make you feel beautiful and confident.

Your body has changed with motherhood

Most women experience an increase in the breast size after they give birth to children. You might be perfectly happy with your boob size prior to motherhood but now you have achieved an unnecessary cleavage which you want to get rid of. The ideal way is to wait until you are done with lactating. The boob size reduces to some extent after the breastfeeding phase is over. If you are still not happy with your boob size, by all means, go for breast reduction surgery.

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While it is great to have better knowledge and understanding about breast reduction surgery, no amount of research is substantial than getting a professional advice from an experienced surgeon. After all, a consultation with a surgeon will allow for a proper assessment of your condition and recommend the right treatment option for you. To understand the procedure and expected results in detail, you can book a free and no-obligatory consultation by filling in the form below.

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