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Is Arm Lift Surgery Worth It?

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With ever-increasing focus on fitness and beauty, more and more individuals are seeking cosmetic surgeries to achieve desired appearance. If you have flabby arms and you want to achieve toned, firm and more youthful appearing arms, arm lift surgery may be an ideal option for you. Arm lift – medically known as brachioplasty – is one of the most popular and fastest growing cosmetic surgeries. But everyone may not be good candidate for procedure.

Though plastic surgeon decides whether you are a good candidate for surgery or not, here we will discuss various factors that will make you know whether the procedure is right for you.

You have flabby arms

Arm lift is ideal option for those women who have saggy or flabby upper arms and it removes excess skin. If you raise your arm to wave and notice excess skin moving, you should consider arm lift. Skin laxity is often caused as a result of excessive weight loss or after gastric bypass surgery. If you have skin that is not shrinking despite of regular exercise and diet regimen, a plastic surgeon can help you get rid of it with arm lift surgery.

You have excess fat in your upper arms

Flabby arms usually also have small deposits of excess fat. Arm lift surgery is also helpful for removing these deposits along with excessive skin. However, if you have a lot of fat in your upper arms, you must go for an alternative that is liposuction.

Exercise and weight lifting are not helpful any more

Usually, women opt for exercise and weight lifting to make their arms look best. But if your arms are not in the best condition and weight lifting isn’t helpful anymore, you need to consider arm lift surgery. This procedure can help you make your upper arms tighter and achieve what exercise and weight lifting could not offer.

You have stable and normal weight

To be an ideal candidate for arm lift surgery, you must have stable and normal weight. You must also be committed to healthy lifestyle to maintain normal weight. This is because gaining or losing significant amount of weight after procedure can affect the outcomes.

You have good general health

Getting arm lift surgery is a big deal and you can be an ideal candidate for the procedure only if you are good health and you are not suffering from any serious ailment. This is because serious health condition can cause hindrance with procedure and recovery. So, your surgeon should be aware of your medical history to avoid complications.

You are non-smoker

Non-smokers are usually the best candidates of arm lift surgery because smoking can increase the risk of complications. It increases the risk of bleeding and delays healing process. So, if you are smoker, you will have to quit smoking few weeks before surgery.

You have realistic expectations with the procedure

All the patients are not same and have different requirements. Likewise, the outcomes of the procedure can’t also be generalized. So, you must have realistic expectations with the outcomes of procedure.

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