Is Abu Dhabi a Good Place to Get Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery in Dubai

You’re planning to have a plastic or cosmetic surgery but still are not sure where to get it done? Just wait there! Have you tried googling Abu Dhabi as a potential destination for your plastic surgery? Yes? No? In either case, you wouldn’t have found much.

But here today, we are revealing the best of reasons as to why you should opt for your next plastic surgery in Abu Dhabi. The city is emerging as an international market for healthcare facilities and here’s why it is so!

The Market is Huge

Abu Dhabi is a highly concentrated market when it comes to plastic surgery. According to estimates, the US has one plastic surgeon for every 50,000 people; Brazil has one for every 44,000; whereas, the UAE has one for every 18,000 people. It is making the UAE a hub of plastic surgery with lots and lots of options for customers to choose from. The higher the number of surgeons, the tougher the competition and the better the services for people.

The Prices are Good

The prices of plastic surgeries in Abu Dhabi are comparatively lesser when compared to other countries in Europe or the West. Since the market is very concentrated, most clinics offer special discounts and offer to attract potential clients. This brings down the cost of surgery significantly. However, people seeking cosmetic surgeries should be wary of the fact that way too low prices can be an indication that the practitioner is not licensed.

Medical Tourism is Booming

Medical tourism in Abu Dhabi and elsewhere in UAE is really booming with a growth rate of about 12 percent. According to a CNN report on medical tourism in UAE, one UAE-based plastic surgeon receives patients from more than 70 different nationalities in a single year, which is a record. This makes Abu Dhabi a very friendly city for foreigners wishing to get their surgeries done here. The constant flow of medical tourists has also led to a surge in the quality of services being provided.

High Standard of Healthcare

Abu Dhabi has one of the highest standards of healthcare in the world. It is home to both public and private facilities that offer world-class services to consumers. The doctors and surgeons at these facilities are mostly trained and qualified abroad and have extensive expertise in providing quality healthcare services. If you require a special treatment that may not be available here, your surgeon will most likely refer you to the mega healthcare facility, called Healthcare City Dubai, in close proximity where you’re likely to get the best of services.

International Outlook

Hospitals and clinics in Abu Dhabi that provide plastic surgery services have an international outlook. Most of the staff are fluent in English and are usually well aware of the culture of the country you’re coming from. They make every effort to make you feel comfortable and at ease. This makes you feel like you’re at home.

You can Go for Medical Tourism as Well

The reason many people opt for plastic surgeries in Abu Dhabi is that they can have a holiday in the UAE after getting their treatment. UAE has a booming travel industry and tourists have many options to try out, including desert safari, beaching, and the nightlife. This gives them a chance to benefit from both; a treatment and a relaxing holiday.

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