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Going for plastic surgery is not an easy decision. You have to consider a number of factors before you go to the surgical suite. It becomes difficult for patients and for surgeons as well to be on the same page regarding the expectations from a particular surgical procedure. Computer imaging has helped greatly in this regard. It helps surgeons to show their clients the effects of plastic surgery so they can make better decisions based on their needs.

One such extra-ordinary innovation is Crisalix technology that is doing wonders in the field of cosmetic surgery. Continue reading to learn more about this amazing technology and how it is helping surgeons and patients.

About Crisalix

Crisalix is an amazing 3D simulation app that is used for foreseeing the results of plastic surgery. Your surgeon will take pictures of you. This app will then generate simulations showing the changes that will appear after the surgery with the help of 3D technology.

How Can it Help You?

You must have realistic expectations from the surgery. Crisalix will give you the visuals to understand the results of the surgery you are going to get. It will help you in deciding whether this surgery is what you have been looking for. With the help of Crisalix, you can communicate with your surgeon in a better to explain your expectations from the surgery. You can share photos with your family and friends to get their opinion as well.

How Can it Help Your Surgeon?

Understanding the expectations of the client is very important for the surgeon to bring satisfactory results. With the help of Crisalix, a before and after simulation app, surgeons can educate their patients about the procedure and results easily. They can make a better analysis of their client’s needs and expectations.

Benefits of Crisalix

There are significant benefits of Crisalix 3D simulation technology that are mentioned below;

  • It shows 3D simulations so you can have a clear idea about the results
  • The surgeon can modify the 3D simulation to achieve the patient’s desired results.
  • It will satisfy the patients, thanks to the exclusive features it has.

The Bottom Line

With the introduction of Crisalix, it has become easier to communicate with patients regarding the assumed results of treatment. It not only helps the surgeon in understanding the requirements of the patients but also aid patients to understand the results they are going to get. It will also enable the patients to have realistic expectations from the treatment. Every reputable cosmetic surgery clinic must have this facility for the patient’s assistance.

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery® offers free before & after 3D simulation with Crisalix when you consult with our highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeons. If you visit our clinic for any treatment, we will provide you the visuals of the results in an absolutely free consultation. These visuals can make the decision-making process easier than ever because you will be clear about the results. So, don’t waste your time and fill in the form given below to book an appointment.

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