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Improve shape of your chin

Chin is considered most unimportant part of face but in reality the appearance of chin has a great impact on whole face. A weak chin makes nose look bigger and affects whole appearance of face by blurring the transition of face from jaw line to neck while a well-defined and proportioned chin creates elegant profile and provides balance to whole face. For those people who are not satisfied with the appearance of their chin, chin augmentation is a good option. In chin augmentation surgery, implant is placed in the chin to make jaw line and chin more defined.

The amount of alteration required and the size of chin implant to be used for this purpose depends on various factors like your nose size, bone structure, shape of face and gender. Normally, large sized implants are used for men to make their jaw line stronger and chiseled while for women smaller implants work to give them softer and delicate appearance. This procedure can also be done along with the procedure of rhinoplasty – nose reshaping – to get better results. The procedure of chin augmentation can be performed to correct malformations due to abnormalities of jaw line. It can correct the facial asymmetry and other deformities that affect chewing and speaking abilities.

The procedure of chin augmentation is done under local anesthesia or sedation depending on your condition and health. Small incision is made either under the chin or inside the mouth for insertion of chin implant. Implant is placed after lifting skin, fat and muscles of chin and provides with natural looking changes.

There are very less side effects associated with the procedure that are temporary and subside by following instructions of your surgeon and taking prescribed medications. After the surgery, you will feel swelling and bruising that is common and applying ice packs can help in getting rid of it. You can resume to your activities after nearly a week and in most of the cases swelling and bruising goes away in a week or two.

In short, chin augmentation is perfect procedure for you if you are not satisfied with the appearance of your chin. It leads to more good looking and triangular shape of lower face.

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