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How to Tell If You’re the Best Candidate for a Tummy Tuck

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Candidate for a Tummy Tuck

There are a number of cosmetic procedures that are becoming popular and tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is one of them. This procedure effectively removes excess fat on tummy and flattens it. Having bulging tummy is quite a common problem these days that can’t be resolved by exercise or diet. Furthermore, nearly all the women get fat accumulated on their tummies after pregnancies. All these can undergo abdominoplasty to flatten their tummy and make it firmer. Before, going for any surgical procedure, there are lots of factors to be considered and an important thing to know and discuss with your surgeon is that are you really the candidate for the procedure or not.

Tummy tuck surgery is the surgical procedure in which excess skin and fat on the tummy is removed and underlying abdominal muscles are tightened. For the procedure, you need to select an experienced and board certified plastic surgeon if you want to get successful results. Though your surgeon will approve your candidacy for the procedure, it is important for you also to know whether it is a right procedure for you or not.

What makes you good candidate for tummy tuck? You can be the candidate for it if you have extra skin on your abdomen and abdomen muscles are weak. Liposuction is also helpful for removal of excess fat but it can’t address excess skin and weakened muscles. Adding to this, you should have good physical shape, so that you can tolerate this procedure.

Women go for this procedure after pregnancies to get pre pregnancy body back. Those women who have experienced one or more than one pregnancies are usually good candidates for the procedure but keep in mind that you should consider it three months after giving birth to your last child. Pregnancy affects body of every woman differently, some get weekend muscles only, some get loose skin while others experience muscles weakness, loose skin and extra fat. Often tummy tuck is performed as the part of mommy makeover to get highly successful results but you can get benefit of it when performed separately also.

Normal aging process also affects your body contours making your tummy saggy and abdominal skin losing its elasticity. Older individuals experiencing following changes are also suitable candidates for tummy tuck.

Who can’t be the candidate for tummy tuck? Those people who don’t have good physical health and require full physical workup are mostly not suitable for surgery. If you are obese and have significant amount of weight surrounding internal organs to be reduced, you might not be a good candidate for surgery. Adding to this, any previous internal or external surgical scars may also affect your candidacy for tummy tuck.

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