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How to Remove Eye Bags Permanently

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Baggy skin under the eyes is a common phenomenon that happens to people around the world. Genetics play a very small role in the creation of eye bags; mostly it is age and stress factors that cause lower eyelid puffiness and sagging skin. Most of the times, they are indication of things not going well in life, lack of sleep and old age. Many people would rather like these aspects of their appearance to remain a secret but even if they treat their condition the eye bags will remain and inevitably happen with age. So the question always comes up of how to remove eye bags permanently.

While there are a slew of cosmetic and topical creams that allege to remove your eye bags, that treatment is far from permanent. Maybe it can bring about some effect but sagging of skin due to ageing causing the creation of eye bags cannot be treated by that cream as reported by various medical professionals. The only and only existing cure to remove eye bags permanently is delivered at the hands of a good plastic surgeon who permanently removes them with an eyelid lift procedure.

Although various commercials tempt people with their “depuffing” solutions to baggy eyelids creams the truth remains that there is no miracle ingredient that can be applied topically to permanently remove eye bags. It is always to save that money instead on a more worthwhile option that is the surgery for eyelid lift. You can even receive a free consultation by sending in the short form at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery and get answers to all your questions about treatment.

Temporary Non-Invasive Cosmetic Solution

For those lucky among us to be able refuse plastic surgery and with enough cash can address the problem with dermal fillers, they don’t get permanent results either. The results are long lasting however but you will continuously need injectables in the eyelids to continue upholding your look. Collagen containing injectables such as Juvedern and Restylane are safe since they make use of synthetic hyaluronic acid (which also exists in the body) to smoothen out the fine lines tighten skin and make the eye bags disappear for long periods of time. The collagen injected into the eyelids eventually deteriorates overtime as it is metabolized by the body so – varying from patient to patient – the effects remain from between 6 months to a whole year, or maybe longer in rare individuals.

Permanent Plastic Surgery Solution

Blepharoplasty, is the medical name to the colloquial “eye lift” surgery that is common in cosmetic clinics all over the world. It is the only existing permanent solution to permanently remove eye bags in dubai & abu dhabi. The procedure involves simple removal of excess sagging skin or deposited fat while tightening loose muscles if necessary to greatly improve the facial appearance of the eyes and upper face. Although this treatment alone cannot remove all signs of ageing from a patient’s face it can still be combined with a variety of other treatments, including chemical peels for discoloration and anything the plastic surgeon can recommend for individual patients.

Blepharoplasty is commonly carried out as an outpatient procedure with administration of local anesthesia and mild sedation if necessary. The incision made will be along the crease of the lower eyelid just below the eyelashes after which excess fat is removed, muscles are stretched to tighten and extra skin excised away before the incision is sutured shut with soluble stitches or medical glue. The entire procedure will require a preparation period, the procedure itself takes around two hours and the recovery time varies from 4-6 weeks during which the person gradually returns to normal routine.

You can discover all these details under our procedure page or you can book a free consultation with an expert to get started as soon as possible.

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