How to Reduce Swelling after Otoplasty

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Otoplasty – typically known as ear surgery – is the cosmetic surgery procedure that is performed on ears and aims at improving the appearance of ears by making alterations in their size, position and shape. Unlike other cosmetic surgery procedures, it is also performed on children. Any surgical invasive procedure carries certain side effects and requires downtime and recovery time and same is the case with ear surgery. Among different side effects, swelling is one of the most common and patients are often concerned about it. Below given information is about how will be your recovery period and how you can reduce swelling and other side effects after ear surgery.

Before talking about the recovery, it is important to know that surgeon’s experience is the most important thing that contributes in making your surgery successful and risk free. So, if you want to have successful results without any complications, then you must seek an experienced, highly qualified and board certified plastic surgeon. After that, you need to follow his or her instructions. You should be well aware of all the risks and steps you should take to avoid them and make recovery quick and easy.

The severity of side effects varies from one patient to another depending on many factors like complexity of surgery, patient’s age and healing capability. Generally, adults return to their normal routine within three days after surgery but children may require some time to recover. Some pain or discomfort is common after surgery and plastic surgeons prescribe medications that help relief this pain and discomfort.

Swelling is the most common side effect of ear surgery and all the patients experience it. It can be managed by applying cold compresses and keeping your head elevated when resting or sleeping. In most of the cases, swelling subsides within a week after ear surgery. Some patients may also experience itching and changes in sensation along the incision sites but these symptoms are temporary. By taking few steps, you can make these symptoms and swelling subside quickly. These steps include:

  • Take prescribed medications and avoid aspirin or any product that contains aspirin and drinking unless approved by your surgeon.
  • Start walking as soon as possible as light physical activity will help you reduce swelling and chances of blood clotting.
  • Do not resume driving and strenuous activities till your surgeon recommends.

If you think your side effects are not normal and swelling and bruising have increased. You are experiencing infections and persistent pain then you should not delay seeing your plastic surgeon.

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