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How to Prepare For Rhinoplasty Surgery

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How to Prepare For Rhinoplasty Surgery

Nose is an important feature of face and if it is shapely and its size is in proportion with rest of the facial features, it increases facial beauty. This is the reason a number of people in every nook and corner of the world undergo rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is the most important and popularity gaining surgical procedure that not only improves the shape and size of nose but also corrects the medical issues caused by structural disorders. When it comes to search a reliable clinic and experienced and skillful cosmetic surgeon for this purpose, it becomes quite hectic. I have an option for those who desire to undergo rhinoplasty in Dubai and it is Dubai Cosmetic surgery.

There are a number of factors associated with the surgery, you should know before you opt for surgery but here we will discuss how to prepare yourself for rhinoplasty in Dubai. Rhinoplasty is a complicated surgery and it requires proper care before and after the procedure to get desired results. Let’s see what the preparatory requirements of rhinoplasty surgery are.

Your medical history:

To know about your medical history is very important to avoid any risks and complications. This is the most important question, a surgeon asks from you. If you have undergone previous nose surgery, taken medications or you are suffering from bleeding disorders, it should be known to your surgeon because due to some conditions you may not be suitable for surgery.

Your examination:

Your physical examination is also an important preparatory step for the procedure. The examination also includes laboratory tests. Tests prior to surgery confirm your candidacy for the procedure and examination lets the surgeon know about the alterations that are required to get desirable results.

Avoid the medications:

If you are taking any medications before the treatment, you may also have to avoid these medications on the recommendation of surgeon. The medications may increase the risks of the surgery and cause problems like bleeding. Another important thing is that you will also have to quit smoking if you are smoker because nicotine in the cigarettes delays the healing of wounds and they may also get infection.

Make changes in your diet and lifestyle:

Before the surgery, it is also important to prepare your body for the changes that it has to face. Make changes in your lifestyle and diet to stay healthy before the surgery. This will speed up the recovery process. Surgeons also recommend some changes for this purpose that may include taking supplements and avoiding or taking some medications.

Preparing for post surgery:

Besides preparing for surgery planning for post surgery is also important. Make your life as comfortable as possible during recovery period. Arrange for some care taker and keeping yourself away from activities including job for certain period of time.

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