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How to Get Surgical Dimples?

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Dimple Creation Surgery

A simple smile with dimples on cheeks can create a charm that is hard to resist. You can’t simply look away because of the attraction that asks for attention. If you don’t have that attractive smile, you can achieve it because cosmetic surgery has made it easy. Dimple creation surgery can create beautiful and attractive dimples on both of your cheeks. The demand for dimple creation surgery is rising at a quick rate among both men and women.

Dimples occur naturally on both the cheeks and become visible when the person smiles. Dimple is actually a facial deformity that is caused by cheek musculature defect. On smiling muscles in your cheek contract and skin gets down to the underlying connective tissue, resulting in a depression in the cheek, referred to as a dimple.

Surgical Dimples Process

How dimple creation surgery can create these cute dimples on your face? It is a simple and short minimally invasive procedure that can deliver very attractive results. This procedure can be performed on any type of cheek or skin. Dimple is created by making a small harmless defect in the cheeks.

Dimple creation surgery is done under local anesthesia and requires less than half an hour to complete. A small incision is made inside the cheek. A surgical instrument is then placed against the inner cheek and small cuts are made by its circular motion. Tissues are then removed leaving the skin intact. This creates a small shallow space under the skin. Then small absorbable suture is used to catch the undersurface of the skin where dimple is desired. Tying this suture causes a cute dimple on the cheek.

After Dimple Creation Surgery

Dimple creation is a safe procedure and it does not cause any complications or risks. Some minimal side effects associated with the procedure include slight swelling and bruising. The suture used in procedure is also absorbable that dissolves within few days. At first, dimple may appear even without smiling but after several days or few weeks, dimples will appear only when a person smiles.

Why you Should get a Dimple?

Wondering why would anyone consider dimple creation surgery? Well, in some civilizations, dimples are considered the sign of prosperity and good luck. They also help add character and brighten up the smile. Whatever the reason is, dimple creation surgery is an easy and painless procedure that can change your life by making your smile expressive and attractive.

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If you have flat cheeks and you want to make them more beautiful with a dimple, consider dimple creation surgery. To schedule procedure or know more about it, contact Dubai Cosmetic Surgery now and you won’t be disappointed. You can also have free online consultation by filling the consultation form given below.

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