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Smile With cheek implants

How to Enhance Your Best Smile With cheek implants

Aging is an inevitable process and it comes with a lot of affects on your appearance. Face and neck are the foremost areas showing these signs. Loss of fat and contours is one of the most common and unappealing. Everybody wants to have fuller and plumped cheeks but unfortunately, aging also affects the appearance of cheeks making them look sunken. There are lots of cosmetic surgery procedures that are helpful for improving the facial appearance and cheek augmentation is one of them. In cheek augmentation, implants are inserted in the cheeks that give them volume. This procedure restores the youthful contours of face and enhances your smile.

Cheek augmentation surgery can contour the mid face area providing your face youthful appearance. It makes your smile brighter and more attractive by giving roundness to them. Undergoing cheek augmentation means looking and feeling your best. Cheek implants are placed in the cheeks beneath the skin surface to make the cheeks appear fuller and round. This procedure effectively creates a new more contoured look and help to balance your facial proportion. Some benefits of getting cheek implants include:

  • It can generate both evident and subtle changes.
  • It restores the lost volume on cheeks and mid face.
  • It improves the profile of face.
  • It makes face more youthful.
  • It requires minimal incisions that are nearly invisible.
  • The recovery time is very less.
  • It gives permanent results.

The procedure of cheek augmentation is not a complex or difficult. For insertion of implants, a small incision is made either just below the lower eyelid or inside the mouth. The implants are inserted in the upper cheek or in the mid cheek area if cheeks have sunken appearance. Sometimes implants are inserted in both the areas if extent of fat and muscles are lost. The procedure is quite simple, easy and short but still it should be done by highly experienced surgeon. This is because inexperienced hands can lead to asymmetry or undesired results.

Cheek implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes and the best suitable one is selected depending on the requirements of face. Your surgeon can guide you properly about the best suitable implants.

In short, cheek implants are the perfect way of giving youthful appearance to your face but you should select an experienced cosmetic surgeon for the procedure.

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