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How to Determine the Breast Implant Size for your Body

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Breast Implant in Dubai

Are you considering breast augmentation surgery? And that too with implants? If you have decided on the treatment you are going for, the next step is to finalize the breast implants that will be used in the surgery.

It’s easy for women with smaller breasts to make a decision of getting breast implants but how will you decide the best-suited implant for you. You must consider following three factors while you determine the size of an implant.

Body Type

Don’t forget your own body type before choosing an implant? What might suit on some model may not be suitable for you? If you have a lean and slim body, you are supposed to pick the implant size carefully. Choose a medium sized implant if you don’t want all the attention drawn towards your breasts, because this is what larger implant size will do. If you are ready for this, you may choose a large sized implant.

You can discuss your aesthetic goals with your surgeon so he/she can help you in choosing the right implant with his experience of previous breast augmentation surgeries.

Body Shape

Your body frame is also a deciding factor in choosing the right implant for you. Talk to your surgeon so he/she will explain what kind of implant would be easy for you to carry. It is understandable that large implants would be heavier. So, larger implants would suit a woman with a stronger build. However, large implants can cause shoulder and back pain in a woman with a lean body.

An implant of a certain size may look right for one woman but too big or too small for others. If you have a small body frame, then you should consider a ‘C’ cup. However, if you have a stronger build, a ‘C’ cup will be small for you. You should consider a ‘D’ or ‘DD’ cup. Above all, you and your surgeon should be aware how you want to look after the surgery before finalizing the implant size.


Your age is also an important factor when you are determining the right size of a breast implant. You must consider your age so the results are natural looking. You must also discuss breastfeeding factor in a consultation when you choose an implant.

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