How Much Time Does It Take for Breast Lift Recovery?

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Most of the women who have saggy breasts due to aging, pregnancy or any other factor go for breast lift surgery because it is perfect procedure to make breasts firmer and youthful. During the procedure of breast lift surgery, incisions are made and excessive skin is removed, which requires time for healing of wounds and proper recovery. The time period required for complete recovery differs from woman to woman and there are a number of factors that can delay or speed up this process. Here we will come to know about the time period required for recovery and the factors that affect it.

Following the breast lift surgery, there are some after affects of the procedure that are common and every patient experiences them. These after affects include swelling, bruising, pain and discomfort. These conditions last from nearly two to three weeks and the surgeon guides his patient to overcome them. In order to make your recovery comfortable, you need to follow some prescriptions and also make some changes in your lifestyle.

Smoking is the main hindrance in making your recovery faster because it reduces blood circulation and delays healing of wounds. This is why, if you want faster recovery, you need to quit smoking at least for two weeks before and after the surgery.

Just after the surgery bandages and dressings are applied on the breasts that are removed in couple of days. In the start you will have to visit your surgeon for checkups of incisions sites and the stitches are removed after a week or ten days. Swelling and bruising after surgery may take a month or more to disappear and after this the outcomes will become apparent. During this period of time, you need to wear surgical bra for nearly two weeks and supportive bra after that for a month. Numbness in the nipples or breasts is also a common after affect of breast lift surgery but it disappears in nearly six weeks. In quite rare cases, loss of sensation can be permanent. Few women also feel tingling and burning sensation in the breasts and nipples when the nerves begin to return to normal functioning in few weeks.

The variation in the discomfort felt during the recover after breast lift surgery depends on the condition of patient but by following instructions of surgeon you can make the recovery faster and reduced pain and discomfort. It is very important to continue the use of painkillers after surgery. Adding to this, avoid sleeping on your stomach or sides and also avoid heavy physical tasks and exercises to make recovery comfortable and faster.

In short, the time required for proper recovery after varies from women to women depending on their conditions but you should be back to your normal routine in couple of weeks and completely recovered in nearly two months.

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