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How Much Does IV Nutritional Therapy Cost?

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IV Nutritional Therapy Cost

IV therapy nutrients are rapidly gaining popularity due to their ability to do a number of things such as enhancing weight loss, maintaining overall wellness, boost immune function, cure hangovers, treat particular conditions and increase athletic performance.

The history of IV therapy nutrients dates back to a physician named John Myers who was injecting patients with vitamins and minerals. The cost of IV nutrient therapy depends on the formulation (since it is personalized to an individuals needs) and how many drips a person is getting.

IV nutrient therapy has a high concentration of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids which are delivered directly into the body’s cells. This is done by bypassing the digestive system thereby allowing more effective and rapid absorption of nutrients which could not be achieved by swallowing them.

Why IV nutrient therapy?

With IV nutrient therapy the body does not have to do extra work of breaking down food so as to get its integral nutrients. The vitamins which are in their pure form are injected directly into the blood stream so they can be delivered to the necessary cells. It takes a short period of time to place the vitamins directly into the blood stream but the benefits are noticed immediately after.

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With oral vitamins, only 50% of the vitamins are absorbed into the body but with IV nutrient therapy as much as 90% is absorbed into the body.

Benefits of IV nutrient therapy

  • It is an immune booster and an energy booster mostly for people who suffer from depression, chronic fatigue, respiratory illness or anxiety.
  • It has immediate results unlike the food you eat which takes a number of hours to digest completely and be absorbed in the body.
  • With IV nutrient therapy the treatments are customized based on the individuals’ needs.
  • With IV nutrient therapy you are guaranteed that the vitamins are fully absorbed into the blood stream and get to work immediately. This is especially beneficial because there are some medical ailments which block the body from absorbing nutrients from food.
  • It acts as a preventive therapy by building a persons immunity. It has been proven that IV nutrient therapy can prevent chronic conditions such as respiratory illness and migraines.
  • With IV nutrition therapy you will not need to keep on relying on nutrient pills. Your nutrient pill reliance will go down once you get started on your customized IV nutrient therapies.
  • It hydrates the body immediately since hydration is a must for the body as it supports vital organ functions. This helps in preventing ailments such as kidney stones, constipation and muscle damage.
  • The treatment is quite fast with IV nutrient therapy as most of them are done under one hour and in a relaxed and comfortable environment.
  • The therapy is great for athletes because of the short recovery time.
  • It improves the quality and appearance of the skin to a much better one.
  • It improves symptoms of depression
  • It also reduces stress levels.
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Make sure to eat something before going in for IV nutrient therapy as this getting the therapy on an empty stomach causes nausea.

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