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How Much Does Dimple Creation Surgery Cost

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Dimple Creation

Celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Mario Lopez and Kate Middleton have million dollar smiles just because of their trademark dimples. Dimples on the cheeks are always associated with beauty. Dimple creation surgery has now become one of the popular cosmetic surgery procedures. Good looking smile can still be yours with a simple procedure of dimple creation even if you weren’t genetically given. The demand of this procedure is continuously increasing and more and more people are coming to have it done. It is a simple and safe procedure but still there are many factors that you need to consider while planning to have it. Here we will discuss about the dimple creation surgery cost.

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It is very difficult to determine the exact cost of any procedure as it depends on number of factors and same is the case with dimple creation surgery. The factors that affect the cost may include the level of procedure, time and resources required and the aesthetic goals of patient. In case of dimple creation, the type of dimple is also an important factor. Have a look on some factors that will affect the total cost of dimple creation surgery.

Surgeon’s experience:

Surgeon’s experience, popularity and qualification are the factors on which his or her fee depends, which ultimately influences the total cost of procedure. If you select highly experienced and board certified plastic surgeon for our procedure, he will charge you more than the one who is comparatively less experienced.

Location and standing of clinic:

Location and reputation of clinic is another important factor that affects the total cost of procedure. Generally, cosmetic surgery procedures are more affordable in UAE states as compared to UK or US. Furthermore, having procedure done in well-established and popular clinic is also more expensive. However, you should not compromise on the reputation of clinic.

Anesthesia cost:

Anesthesia cost depends on the type of anesthesia and it greatly affects the total cost of dimple creation surgery. Dimple creation surgery is performed using local anesthesia and it costs less than general anesthesia.

Facility charges:

Facility charges also affect the total cost of procedure. The clinic will obviously charge you more if it is providing you with high class facilities, resources and services of well-trained staff.

Type of dimple:

There are various types of dimples; some people are interested in having them on cheeks while others want them on their chin. The cost of the procedure will vary from patient to patient depending on the requirements. The extent or level of procedure is also an important factor to consider though dimple creation is usually simple procedure.

Pre-surgical and post-surgical expenses:

Besides above given important factors, you are also required to consider some additional expenses. These expenses usually include the costs of tests and prescriptions.

Being cosmetic procedure, the cost of dimple creation surgery can’t be insured. However, financing options might be available, so this matter needs to be discussed before going under the knife.

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