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How Much Cup Size Do You Lose with a Breast Lift?

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How Much Cup Size

Women always desire having fuller and firmer breasts but as a result of aging and certain other factors like breastfeeding and pregnancy, breasts lose their shape and volume. Breasts become saggy and droopy over the time but cosmetic surgery, providing solution to nearly each and every aesthetic problem provides solution to this problem also. Breast lift surgery is the cosmetic procedure that is one of the popular surgeries among women and is very helpful is improving the sagginess of breasts making them perkier and firmer. Here we will discuss how this procedure affects breasts size besides improving sagginess.

Breast lift surgery is actually the procedure in which excess sagging skin of breasts is removed to make them tighter and firmer. The surgery results in more youthful and lifted appearance of breasts. Removal of skin will obviously decrease slight weight of breasts also. This is the reason that most of the women observe reduction in the size of their bras after undergoing breast lift surgery. Though this decrease varies from women to women depending on the alteration made and the skin removed, generally an average decrease in the size of breasts is nearly one cup. This means that after undergoing breast lift, women will wear bra having size one cup less.

According to many studies, this reduction in the size of breast size is actually the effect of breast lift itself rather than a true reduction. Various researches have been performed on the women who have undergone the breast lift surgery for the purpose of observing any change in breast size and here is one of those studies. The procedure was performed alone; neither was it combined with augmentation mammoplasty nor with reduction mammoplasty. Nearly five years after having the surgery, those women were asked about their bra size and any weight changes occurred in the breasts. Women reported an average decrease of nearly one cup in the size of bras. This was the result of a study performed by American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

Most of the women who undergo the procedure of breast lift also desire to have their breast size increased besides improving the droopiness. On the other hand, the procedure results in decrease in the size. Such women can improve the outcomes of procedure by combining it with breast augmentation. This way, the size and shape both will be enhanced significantly. Contrary to this, if you want your breasts’ size get reduced, breast reduction surgery can be combined with breast lift.

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