How Long Does Scar Revision Take to Heal?

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Scar Revision in Dubai

A person can have skin scars due to a variety of reasons. Acne and injury scars are common while people can also get surgical scars after undergoing a surgical treatment. The scar removal treatments are common these days but people are worried about the time skin takes to heal after scar revision. Let’s discuss how long the skin takes to heal after a surgical scar revision procedure.


What is Scar Revision?

The scars resulting from issues such as acne, injury, and surgery can be treated using a surgical or non-surgical technique. The scar treatments often leave some room for improvement and this kind of revision or follow up procedure can be tricky. Again, surgical and non-surgical options are available to refine the scarred skin.

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Scar Revision Roundtable  

Once the skin heals from the surgery, removing the remaining scars takes much effort and time. There are techniques that prove fruitful in removing the reminiscent scarring. The laser therapy, Z-plasty, skin grafting, and dermabrasion are some variations on scar revision include

These options for scar removal have some benefits and side effects. The scar revision works well most of the time. Mean to say, the success rate is high if a qualified and experienced surgeon undertakes the treatment.

After taking scar revision treatment, the improvement in the skin takes place constantly over the period of the next 6 months. It is due to the reason that the skin heals slowly after the treatment. It is a safe and effective treatment and works well for all.

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Scar Removal in Dubai

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